Types of cancer

Here is the types of cancer. Once mind is free’d of cancer you will become spiritually clean

spirtual cleanliness will change the smell of body from impure state into pure and fragrant state

types of cancer:

masculinism cancer:

Males that walk like a cowboy and can’t walk straight like a woman. They walk like a cowboy because male-owned clothing companies brainwash males not to wear silk or lace. Because male-dominated religions promote circumcision, males need to wear silk and lace to protect their dicks. But male owned corporations created clothing that hurts dicks, and brainwashes males to not wear silk and lace. So they walk like a cowboy in order to lessen the pain on their circumcized dick.
-males or females that have poor taste in music
-males or masculine females that talk out of turn in conversation, always interrupting autistic and logical people

  • cretin males or females that dont value classical music, ornate archetecture, classy archetecture, fine archetecture
  • males that do false flags in order to lie to population, steal resources from other countries
  • males such as JP Morgan that refuse to fund tesla’s inventions
  • autist males that shame males who dont follow science dogmas
  • the internal mental state of toxic masculinity itself, adhd, anger, fear etc.
  • greed, paranoia, lack of brotherhood between males
  • praising ogre aesthetics
  • shaming of vegetarianism, boomers shitting on animal rights and sustainable foods
  • shaming of eco green energy, boomers praising gas
  • males starting conflicts due to internalized toxic masculinity

feminism cancer:

  • excessive commie idealogy that gives everyone participation medal, shaming competition and praising boredom
  • banning guns because paranoid of mass-shootings, also this leads to praising cucks and shaming masculinity and shaming truth and logic
  • genetic delusions, pretending hypergamy is not real, pretending its okay to be fat and have bad genes
  • thot worship, praising degenerate behavior like gathering 100 orbiters on instagram
  • terf insanity/penis hatred, shaming passing shemales for using bathroom just for having a penis. or shaming cis males for having a penis/having a sexuality
  • shaming mens rights for wanting to have rights
  • pretending female priviledge didn’t or doesn’t exist, pretending titanic didn’t exist
  • not addressing the real issues female face, such as islamic oppression or mental illness caused by unwholesome american lifestyles or television
  • dreephillia in regards to male sexual frustration

nordic cancer:

games that have a pretentious nordic artistic style/atmosphere, especially indie games. Pretentious color schemes and models usually lacking in textures. Praising outdated/unevolved genes/cultures instead of progressive 1950’s american culture and art, these games by definition always ignore the ornate/classy aspect of ancient cultures, while tending to overglorify masculinity or feminism. Witcher 3 is a mild example of this. Bayonetta is not an example of this, since it was made by Japanese, and since it does not overglorify feminism, since it does not portray females as morally perfect.

80’s cancer:

games, usually indie games, that overhype the retromodern 80’s purple/red/aqua color schemes, usually these styles lack substance or texture. Cyberpunk is not cancer, but these games usually lack the actual essence that made cyberpunk good.

Low effort phone cancer:

Games that usually cater to casuals, or toddlers or people that don’t know better. Usually a shitty vector art overly rounded type gfx. These games are usually the result of wannabe artists on youtube giving bad advice to people on how to make cheap gfx. Not all vector graphics are bad. Contrast this with vector graphics done right, such as 80’s arcade/90’s arcade, MLP, samurai jack, monster high, etc.

american cancer:

usually oversatured colors, with annoying in-your-face music in background. This is immediate and severe cancer. This is punk-done-wrong. Contrast this with puink-done-right, such as splatoon, monster high or EQG.

boring fonts, emasculated vibe cancer:

this is the result of corporate emasculation, we see a trend of low effort designs, such as plain fonts or breath of the wilds unity gfx with its overly melancholic story style. This is what people incorrect label as “social feminization”, in reality is more a corporate emasculation, since feminized females tend to decorate with ornate styles adding to it

horror cancer:

one of the worst types of cancer, when something causes ptsd or something like that. should be totally banned from society as it reduces social morale and decreases worker productivity. Contrast this with Jurassic Park or Gears of War which is horror-done-right.

spooky cancer:

different from horror cancer. Usually spooky but gives a sad and lethargic vibe instead of being atmospheric. Contrast this with tim burton which is spooky-done-right.

creepy cancer:

different from the above 2 cancers. Usually done in 60’s or 70’s masculinist movies where a man has to fight out of lots of men who want to do him harm. This leads to a creepy paranoia and masculinist mental illness. Usually these films have dissonant music which causes headaches. Contrast this with James Bond which is creepy-done-right.

fake happy cancer:

this is almost the same as low-effort phone cancer, but with slight differences. Sometimes the graphics are not vector, but overall it is something that portrays things as too happy, for instance commercials showing a chad with stupid ukelele music in the background. Also known as forced-corporate music, this usually has the opposite effect of intended, making people feel less happier than before

anime cancer:

this is one of the more mild and good cancers. Since sugar itself causes cancer, anime cancer might as well be compared to eating a sweet. The cancer of anime is increased when the anime is made low efforts, often frames between seconds. For this reason glitterpill does not merely male all males look like anime, some males will look anime, others will look like bill kaulitz, others will be chadbowies.

anime is also feminizing, so it may boost immune system and cure cancer.

clutter cancer:

also autistic cancer, autists who demand more and more objects/polygons to fill the scene in the interest of “good gfx”. Not all autists are like this though, some actually resist the cancer.

low effort cancer:

When hipsters splatter paint around and call it art. This is generally a mild cancer provided you don’t take the cancer seriously.

In some cases this can cure cancer.

artistic cancer:

when none of the cancers are fulfilled, yet something seems off about the art anyway. When you cannot describe exactly the cancer.

monotone male cancer: Males, especially british males, that speak in a headache inducing monotone in videos, usually due to toxic masculinity making them afraid of embracing their x chromosome.

musical cancer:
when you are really into a music then they interrupt the good vibes due to lack of musical genius

noise cancer:

when you are trying to mediate and self-heal but hear sounds

bullet sponge cancer:

when games make the player-character a bulletsponge, for instance the new 007 games, creating a feeling of underwhelming. Contrast this with Gears of War, which is bullet-sponge-done-right.

ghetto cancer:
also see masculinist cancer. Usually an atmosphere where females are overly sexualized and males look and behave like ogres.

literal cancer: when foods put too much preservatives or artificial colors, booze also causes cancer as well. This can be also from pollutates and man-made chemicals. Smoking anything, even paper, will increase the risk of cancer.

right wing cancer: when hateful closet homosexuals or tradcons dominate politics, for instance like ben shapiro. Or people who embrace tradcluck idealogy

transphobic cancer: when terf leftists or right wingers embrace toxic masculinity and want to keep males as serfs/worms/caterpillars (instead of letting them metamorphosis into butterflies)

left wing cancer: open borders kumbaya bullshit, shaming straight males for lusting, raging over jokes/not allowing fun in society

psychotherapy cancer/psuedoscience cancer: When psychotherapist produce quack remedies to “cure” a perfectly healthy person into becoming more mentally ill

politics cancer: mainstream news/media, inflammatory politics, causing litteral inflammation/uncleanliness which increase risk of cancer

silicon valley cancer: males that are too high iq and make high iq people feel sad and lethargic, also they spy on everyone and collect data causing depression

tech cancer: trend of tech to make products that dont work which causes anger response or in some cases, lethargy

cussing cancer: when people put too much cussing in things. i say only word shit when discussing cancer

watching sports cancer: when people (usually men) watch sports for too long causing headache, can also lead to repetitive crappy commercials on tv. (Transmaricaputabollo suggested to add soccer as cancer, but i believe watching most sports for too long has the same general effect. Actually doing sports and exercising cures cancer. Soccer is one of the more boring sports to watch, but it can be fun to play.)

Very well written.

I want to add this cancer: soccer cancer, the maniacal faith in soccer, displayed publicly, and inherited via culture by the kids born into a soccer environment.

This is very underestimated but a strong type of cancer


i added watching sports as a cancer to the list

I have the soccer cancer. Love soccer and could talk about it for hours every day, and watch on tv, and play irl. Doesn’t matter. Soccer is life.

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i loved soccer as a kid tbh

still cant watch it on tv more than 2 minutes

Why not?

its boring its like watching pixels chasing after a ball. Give em swords make it violent. If you want to be goodie two shoes about it, instead give him those water sports things with the foam, knockem to the ground.

Are you a good soccer player?

no, my brain wasnt very male as kid, lacked coordination and wasn’t aggressive on the field. I just enjoyed the male comradery, sense of glory and competition. Also liked the nature atmosphere and getting snacks after it was over.