Two Different "Femcels", Same Shit

Didnt you fuck one of them?

Do you think he can? We’re incels for a reason, we can’t fuck women.

I’m expressing myself

Most incels I’ve met aren’t involuntary celibates. So idk

I’m going to create a thread for this

And what about it?

Wait, I’ve never met any incels irl, they just are not involuntary celibate, from talking to them.

If you count cybersex as fucking, then I suppose that was the case for both.

Both are 1-2/10 PSL

What’s PSL

It’s the incel rating system. I’m 2/10


Are you serious? The green haired girl has tons of stupid snapchat filters but I can tell she’s 5/10 at least.

I think this bollo person is mentally ill. Been incel too long and the stress of it all got to him.

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I wouldn’t say she’s 5…

What would you rate her?


It’s more than 3, but I won’t argue because too many filters to be sure.

a solid 7. low t if u dont agree.

Filters may be misleading, but I think it’s safe to call her a 5+