Two Different "Femcels", Same Shit

So these are self-identified femcels, or were, known personally. First from 2018, second from 2019.

Remarkable, isn’t it?



the last one looks like a solid 9/10 to me.

The first one went on and on about being femcel and having a serious hormonal imbalance where her testosterone was too high and she had to constantly remove facial hair, and apparently became sterile at some point in 2018.

The last one never explicitly said femcel but was hanging around on such forums for whatever reason and more or less claiming to have no options. Also the one that said she was bisexual with a preference for females.

Both were thin and easily above average in appearance. I’d say 6 for the first, 8 for the second (for reference my requirement is a 4). Pretty clear they just have a bunch of orbiters and look for validation online. I have dirty photos of both of them, but others probably do too. Both also claimed to be mentally ill, which is probably one of the few true things they ever said.

Both were 18 at the time of the photos.

The first one does seem like she has high T while the second looks high E. Both are hella cute and could get 10,000+ DM’s a month. But yeah most femcels are just insecure women who cant get chad and post in these forums knowing lonely men will see them so they can get lots of orbiters and DM’s boosting their ego.

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Her high T thing was probably true as well, yes. She had a deeper voice than average, for sure. The second one had a very high pitched voice, so you’re probably right about high E.

And yeah it’s remarkable how females continue to show that they are so “unremarkably” similar to each other.

Lmao I just realized, both of them admitted to being bisexual. I forgot the first one did that too. It’s such a dead giveaway that they’re bisexual, sure, but as discussed before here, it just means they are Chadsexual and see most men as nothing but pawns to be utilized as orbiters while they suck a cunt in the mean time.

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Yeah most women are a mix of asexual, autosexual, bi sexual, and basically closet lesbians. Maybe they hate men and male sexuality because of DNA memory trauma through millions of years of rape. Theres evidence trauma and PTSD can be passed on through DNA.

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I hate lesbians and these bisexual females. They’re so disgusting. Most men have that weird fetish on lesbian sex but I find it absolutely disgusting.

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I have heard lesbian sex is the most commonly watched porn for females, but isn’t gay sex in second? Of course heterosexual sex would be further down the list, what a shocker.

I don’t know what to make of the gay sex popularity though. Females are just so fucked up and impossible to understand. Their sexuality makes literally no sense because how can you make sense of something that is simultaneously everything? Gaysexual, lesbiansexual, bisexual, autosexual, asexual, demisexual, chadsexual, what the fuck.

The best explanation that doesn’t really answer much is that men are fixed pillars, and females are in a constant state of flux. This is nothing new with regard to emotions, but it appears to extend to sexuality as well. The same female might be bisexual one day, then autosexual the next day, then asexual for a week, etc etc. In other words, you just never know. They’re literally the definition of crazy. While one female may seem different from the next, they are simply in a different flux stage at that moment and are in reality very similar to each other in their range of desires and severity of instability. Perhaps with this in mind, it does make sense that they have a deep seated desire to be dominated and controlled. Something else they both had in common was a desire for rough sex/sexual roleplay (e.g. skull fucking, wanting to be walked like a dog on a leash).

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I firmly believe this only occurs because websites like PornHub don’t allow bestiality (zoophilia) videos. If they did. it would be the most watched category for females.


That’s possible yes.

Females would be more attracted to their dog than their boyfriend/husband. Disgraceful, and they themselves belong on a leash (actually they have mentioned wanting that). I’ve never been very sexually dominant/aggressive but I must channel my hatred to make it so, it would seem.

@Restart80 Women are closet lesbians but reject mtf trans more than men do. Nothing about women makes any logical sense whatsoever, and most of em just aren’t helping the world become a more pleasurable place.

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The term “woman” is just too respectful. Likewise, “lady” would be just nauseating at this point. Call them females, femoids, ■■■■■, or prostitutes.

And that is correct, their existence is becoming much more of a drain on humanity than what they are worth. If they weren’t needed for producing children (i.e. Artificial Womb TBA) or for sexual pleasure (i.e. Advanced Sexbots TBA), they would no longer be needed and could be exterminated. The XX chromosome could be deleted and men would live a life pursuing higher purposes with their sexual desires 100% fulfilled.

I kid you not, last year I was at some high school science fair as part of my placement. There was this nerdy looking, skinny but blatantly lesbian or bisexual girl with her poster of “the future is woman and machine.” How fucking delusional is that? Men built ALL the machines.

Extermination is a bit harsh, we shouldn’t give into anger. Angry feminists are the ones wanting to exterminate males, just because females are less stoic and give into their emotions easily.

I don’t think we owe the world perfect stoicism, but we shouldn’t follow our angry emotions blindly like feminists do. Extermination is not needed, feminism promotes self-sterilization, women will naturally just sterilize themselves on their own. Plus when sex-robots are as good as real sex, women will no longer have absolute power anymore. There are also easier things, such as DNA modification of XX to change their personalities and such.

By extermination, I mean letting the last females watch as their gender slowly dies out when it becomes outlawed to have babies without their chromosomes being modified to XY. That would be more satisfying anyway. Make them watch as society continues to function better than ever with a 90%, 95%, 99% male population that no longer has to concern themselves with doing random stupid bull shit just to fulfill a basic drive because realistic sexbots replaced females. The last ones can die knowing that they are truly inferior and that we just needed enough time to advance technology before defeating them once and for all.

Females are already getting upset over the idea of sexbots and artificial wombs emerging. It is a great source of pleasure reading them cry about their dystopian future, and most certainly the future of any female offspring they have.

Alternatively, we could go the route of modifying their DNA to be less worthless to us.

The problem is, I don’t think males are all that great either. I think males could benefit from some DNA modification as well.

Male behaviour will improve automatically as a result of 1) No longer trying to do stupid shit to impress females, much of which serves no practical purpose and 2) Being more sexually/emotionally satisfied and less angry.

It will improve but to what extent? Men also look like ugly apes, and men are becoming increasingly cretins in their taste in cities and design. Thirdly, men are based on flawed Chimp DNA. Men in the past had sex with thousands of women and it didn’t stop them from being an asshole.

The traditional arrangement of a family (man, woman, kids) is fundamental for society as a whole and for individual human beings.

A woman can be an exceptional human being as long as she’s sufficiently controlled by her husband. They’re great in householding and rising children, as they’re made for this.

Case in point: My grandmother truly loves her children and grandchildren, the energy she puts into protecting her loved ones is impressive and inspiring. This is possible because she respects and even fears my grandfather.

Also, a man can reach his best when he loves his family. A man that lives for his family (especially for his sons and daughters) is unstoppable. Not even death can scare him.

So, although I see the reason behind thoughts like

I wholeheartedly disagree, because nature made men physically stronger than women for a reason, we just need to use our strength.

Sure, but we can still LARP and Hatemaxx until clown world collapses and we re-instate male dominance and control over females.

You are correct that while females are incapable of love, they are still capable of fear or “respect.”

Females are capable of love, to women and children.

The problem with females, and the problem with males, is females are mostly incapable of eros to men. This is because men look (and some act) like ugly apes.

Females crave being dominated by alphas, bdsm things to compensate for their lack of attraction. They feel guilty about it and want to be overpowered by men. They want to be objectified by alphas and be treated in kinky ways because they feel guilty about having no real attraction to most men. In essence, they want to please men, this is a form of love. Well the ideal women I mean. Of course not all women are like this anymore.

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