Truthpill: Female sluts are not only great, but necessary for incels

September 4th is pro-female-slut day here in Incelistan. Whereby we thank female sluts for existing, and give them thanks.


Regular sluts tend to be high in dark triad traits, which is not so great… However it is more important to convert regular women into hypersluts so that they can distribute their affection.


And it’s not about sex… it’s about preventing the collapse of Western civilization by adjusting for historical advances in technology, by promoting female sluttiness.

Slutty men are not good, because slutty men create harems, and harems are bad for incels.

Slutty women however, bestow many gifts upon incels.


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Female sluts form chad harems.

That would be male slutdom, not female sluthood

no. Female sluts have harems of chads or high tier normies they orbit.

Low IQ post and Gigacope that is like 15 years out of date.

sluts become the pity sex objectives of incels