Trump is a liberal pt 3

.imho he’s a liberal

  • Married a softcore porn actress
  • All his old friends were liberals
  • 2 Divorces
  • Constant Bankruptcies
  • Only racist to be funny
  • 3.1 trillion dollar 2020 deficit and counting
  • Throws free money at blacks and free drug coupons to seniors like it’s candy
  • Supports gays
  • Selfish/sociopathic/narcissistic/easily-triggered/spiteful
  • Supports gay marriage
  • Conservatives censored completely during his tenure and Trump does nothing meaningful
  • World leaders say he’s a liberal
  • Past support for single payer, the Clintons, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and abortion

He’s just not a likeable guy.

Accurate tbh.

Only reason to vote for him is to make Libtards go hysterical again.

there are much more important reasons to vote trump than petty emotional revenge.

I wish.

trump is going to do major government reforms such as the nesara legislation.

He’s going to give tax credits to male lesbians

he is?