Tru gender identity

u can find out ur true gender identity by getting a massive headache and nausea. In bed think about your self identity. What is it? My personal self identity is transgender. Female facial features, boobs but dick. Others are transsexual (female face, boobs and vag). Others are femboy (female face, moid chest.) Others are chadcis (chad or pretty boy Leonardo di Caprio face, moid chest), other are cis (ogre, goblin, or chad face, moid chest).

The reason you need a massive headache and nausea to find out true gender identity is this is when your body is weakest. You are unable to fantasize or create a self illusion. Rather you are in your core self mode of your inherent self.

After this experience, I have decided to keep my dick. Getting rid of my dick feels like losing part of my soul. If u have no means to penetrate it means your destiny is to be penetrated. It is the natural way for shemales to have high hierarchy. Females naturally should be submissive, this is due to lack of a penis. Females should be gently guided by shemale soothsayers. If females are not guided by males and shemales they will lose their way and fall into shitty culture scenarios such as shitty music and decaying culture. It is up to males and shemales to guide society to glory and greener fields. Of course not all males or shemales should have any power, actually the majority of males and shemales should not have power. Also some females should have power and influence over society but ultimately they must consult the council of shemales and males before a final decision is made.

Also its like sometimes i get erotic fantasies of being a fully female supermodel who is submissive to alpha males. In these fantasies its like i must be submissive and submit to dick. And i feel i cannot stand on my own two feet and need dick to dominate me. I really enjoy the idea of being a female supermodel and not having a dick, but I think overall i will lose a part of myself if i no longer have a dick. Long term should i have no dick or keep my dick. Dick is sort of like a tower or monolith. Towers are like conduits of lightning and powerful energy.

Because i had a headache lastnight listened to asmr. Most of the female ASMR did not satisfy me. I found one female asmr i really enjoyed. But i tried moid asmr. Moid asmr was really good. Found a hot moid but then he talked in a british accent. Immediately clicked it off because I dont want to hear robotic sounding british asmr.

Moids are so robotic. Its like we live in a King kong vs godzilla society. We need to embrace feminine virtues. We need soft feminine compassionate women in society. We need women to have culture and good values and virtues. I would like to explain more but I can’t. Some of the stuff I say is confusing. For instance I dont want robotic asmr but I want robotic girlfriends. The idea is that robotic girlfriends will pass the turing test and sound like humans.

Decided on getting SRS, I feel I will be much happier this way. Of course I’d rather just be fully female. It isn’t right that 50% of the population gets to have the good life while the other 50% is stuck as moids with low quality of life.

Changed my mind, I want to penetrate a woman and be in bed with a female. Then after 5 minutes I changed my mind again, I want SRS and to bottom for a chick with a dick. Still, in both scenarios i want female facial features regardless of whether or not I have srs. Dont want to be moid, being chad moid is the bare minimum neccesity of humanity. Chads like Macgyver are still incel. Macgyver was being a chad incel male, girl fux beta bux while lusting for chad. Obviously Macgyver chads are necessary for society but if i am to build things i wish to be female while building things. if incels want to be chad then let them be chad, change their dna to chad.