Transitioning to male

Jk, but can you please start referring to me as a male. I just don’t feel comfortable saying the things i say and identifying as female.

I identify as male now

I respect the choice and I ask the same favor, I identify as a Chad, and from now on I want to be referred to as “Chad” not to mention the various demands that I have. With my new Chad status now I ask the state to provide me prime pussy

Groupthink. Humans emotionally averse to criticizing their own group. I have long since evolved past that aversion, i speak about the human race as an alien speaks about the human planet. I am living, breathing, objectivity. I will respect your pronouns but I mustache you do you truly wish to be ftm

Fuck custom pronouns and fuck this postmodern shit.

check your toxic masculinity.

why does changing pronouns fill with such rage?

You can’t just pick a stupid pronoun and pretend it’s normal.

If you want to be called a “she” then you must act and look like a “she”. Once you manage to act and look like a “she”, people will call you a “she” automatically.

Pronouns aren’t something we just pick out of nothing.

autistic rage detected

You’re a male like it or not. In fact, you should learn to like it. You give females way too much credit.

there aint no reason to like being male. Especially in age of incel. Plus i know better and i know cleanliness is next to godliness. I know how spiritually good it feels to be mentally female. I also know the pros of being male. I am a two spirit multigender. My ideal situation would be being mentally female. Although there are some good things about being mentally male. However, being ogre is not the good thing. Good thing about being mentally male is action and glory. However if you are mentally female and expert about it, you can become a gamer female that plays mlg games instead of just candy crush. This is the superior and best mental state to be.

Me too I identify as Chad now :pepecool:

I don’t wanna be a female on an incel sits that’s why. Mentally being female feels good Ik cause I am one. I’ll never be an ogre I’m like 5’2.

I should just make a new account and identify as a male right?