Trans Supremacy

Its over, never even began.

The age of cis is coming to an end.

80% of cis men will be given cas9, gene editting technology, to make them transwomen, femboys or chads.

Every effort of humanity will be spent on cas9 and transhumanism, the error of capatalistic inequality will come to an end. Resist full blown Communism, embrace trade and private property. But also resist full blown capatalistic inequality.

Non chad males will be liberated from this incel misery, given transhuman technology to become transwomen, femboys or chads. “Not another incel male” “Humanity forward” and “All for one one for all” will be catchphrase mottos in the upcoming era of new humanity.

If the video I posted you didn’t yet see, it is a video you must see. It is in my opinion one of the best incel videos ever made. This is an educational video, similar to the spirits who visited Scrooge, normies are like Scrooge living in ignorance of the reality, this video is like the visitation of the spirits of truth and blackpill. The video has only one flaw which is a minor typo or typos throughout the vid.

Resist economic tyranny, resist dating inequality, resist the tyranny of boomers. In the future THERE WILL BE NO MORE INCOME TAX and just bigger sales tax on everything.

this vid is a metaphorical representation of fighting and prevailing against the crooks and boomers of wall street, the crooked politicians of washington trying to take our bitcoins, our income, trying to invade our cities and put nanobots into our very veins to make us obedient worker drone cucks of capatalism. The drones represent brainwashed normie minions and goons, sent on reddit to keep us down and keep humans in incel ignorance, the same type of normies that banned IncelsWithoutHate subreddit, the same type of normies that want to keep status quo and incel, we must resist and push for a better world.

And yet cunts would watch all that and still deny the obvious reality.

Well over 30% of young males are completely fucked. And trying to use “COVID” as an excuse is just laughable lmao. It was always getting worse even prior to “COVID.” This whole fucking society can crash and burn, and the harlots of this era can wake up to reality when they find the boot of the government they worshipped stomping their face into the ground and sterilizing all of them.

Because one thing has become clear. They’ll NEVER wake up until shit hits THEIR fan.

The dating market is corporatized cancer, & the ISPs are corporatized cancer. The modern internet needs to be destroyed and rebuilt.

Every female tends to be somewhere between a wannabe, bourgeoisie capitalist & a champagne socialist that throws the proletariat she pretends to care about under the bus to fuck her way up the corporate ladder. Democracy is garbage, intellectual property needs to be abolished, etc.

Kill me.


Disagree. I am somewhat anti-capatalism but not a full blown commie. But I don’t think incel is caused by economic capatalism. I think dating capatalism is separate from economic capatalism, it is has parallels to economic capatalism but the 2 systems are not interlinked.

That is, there would be dating inequality and hypergamy regardless of economic capatalisms existence or inexistence. If anything, economic capatalism is caused by incel, not the other way around. The whole idea of getting rich and escaping incel by accumulating enough wealth.

Some ISPs are ok, others outsource customer service and don’t hire people in the native country. One of the problems of capitalism is it reduces the economy of the native country.

I agree, we need a more wholesome internet. This is the part of me that’s pro-capitalism. I thought of a great capitalistic invention for the future. A clean/wholesome content rating, if a content is fully clean and wholesome it gets a green rating, yellow to orange if murky, red if totally unwholesome. This will allow safe and pleasant browsing of the internet, increasing worker productivity worldwide.

In terms of dating the dating market is capitalistic. This is due to 90% of men not being arousing to females. In terms of economics and in terms of what you said, I disagree somewhat, I don’t think that type of aggressive capitalistic behavior is that common with females, I would say about 40% of females at most.

This can be fixed using real life capitalism, ie. creating fembot gfs and affordable plastic surgery for males. In terms of genetic awareness, those who got plastic surgery will need a tattoo on them somewhere so that anyone who breeds with them is notified their appearance is not the same genes they will get. There is also a better solution than plastic surgery, which is cas9 to improve the actual genes.

I am pro-capatalism but anti-capatalism, this is because capatalism results in stagnation, for instance you could end up with a monopoly where only one company makes the robot gfs, and then there might be a worldwide stagnation of this technology.

America hasn’t had democracy in the last 100 years, you cannot judge democracy based on America.

As for intellectual property it goes both ways. Small businesses and poor people need to protect their ideas from big corporations. On the other hand, corporations shouldn’t have the right to copyright content for 100 years, which results in stagnation. Do you suggest any particular remedy which solves both scenarios?