Trans men pre-transition

Where to find them?

go to lgbt groups. Dont expect them not to be brainwashed by the propoganda though. If you arent a leftist they are probably gonna hate you. For instance, I had a crush on a ftm I met irl but I got the same standoffish vibes of indifference I’d get when trying to date someone else.

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I guess they’re very rare because who in their right mind would give up on being female?

Also, why would you want to find one of them?

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they seem to have low standards

dunno but we had one on the forum for a bit until we banned them for being cunty toward everyone

only person to want to date me IRL was FTM pre-transition

they came over to my house, they tribbed my leg and made out but I called it off early cuz was scared

don’t even really want to have sex with one, just curious for when I do

You look cute, you’re smart, you’re polite and respectful. You shouldn’t be trying to date someone for their low standards, really. You’re the more date-able male in this forum as far as I can tell.

they seem to care less about income though

FTMs pre-transition

If low income is your problem then you should date someone from a poor community, a black person if possible. Dating a white guy from outside their [poor] community would be seen as social ascent.

gold diggers all of them

FTMs pre-transition are instead like finding the gold itself, to me, if the gold also had borderline personality disorder

Even if most black women are gold diggers, I believe finding a black person who isn’t a gold digger is easier than finding that other type of person you’re looking for. But, as I said, it’s just a belief of mine.

White men seem to have a strong aversion to all things black women

Don’t make sense to me

My skin is white. but I’m ethnically a Latino (from an American point of view, which isn’t the most accurate view btw). Perhaps that’s why I don’t hate black women :pepesherlock:

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I don’t like tombois. I like my girls feminine.

you’d like this woman

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She’s great!

i noticed that feminine females are much more standoffish and cause more incel. Same as feminine gays. Since FTMs are not feminine females I am not surprised that you almost ascended with them. This coincides with the fact that FTMs seem to be more likely to give sex to males after taking testosterone.


yea one who was on T basically said “i’ll let you fuck me if you’ll stop hating women”, as if I hated women, which I didn’t/don’t

the one not on T was less agressive that way but was down for anything

And as you say feminity does cause inceldom agreed

It’s a bummer as I prefer feminine females. :frowning: