Trannymaxxing is the ultimate solution

Yea your sexual orientation can change so you will no longer be cursed by heterosexuality. Getting fucked in the ass is way better than any P in V sex you can have, only way to have a good orgasm if you are male.

Before you transition you have to develop a female persona and get eroused by the though or image of yourself as a women. Good anime to watch are tsf monogatari (hardcore) and kämpfer (soft).

taking estrogen will change your personality and you will become more like a women mentally.

If sexuality doesn’t fully switch Many MtF women go for other MtF women, a few manage to get a lesbian and make her pregnant.

wait are you the guy who runs vintologi?

Sadly I can’t take it up the ass without feeling dizzy and ill, blowjobmaxxing is the only way.

that’s rather strange, maybe the orgasm was too much for you?

This is really dumb. I don’t think trans women have an easy time dating at all (ofc I’m only speaking from what I’ve read online, since I’m a dude). Many of the men who are interested in having sex with a trans woman will balk at the prospect of actually dating them due to concern regarding their own social status and loss of face. Furthermore you can’t just decide to become trans.

anal sex objectively feels bad

You are trying to turn them all into chris-chan huh…

Transwomen complain about “chasers” all the time.

Yes you can indeed decide to become trans, it’s not an innate condition, ray blamchard is into something with his typology.

Think that inceldom can easily turn one sort of gay. Not like full gay. Not like wanting romanticism, but definitely fetishization of cock and various paraphilias.

like prison gay sorta

The greatest pleasure in life is giving a woman a four+ hour orgasm. Men can’t have orgasms like that but they can get the company of a good tempered woman for some time afterwards, which is nice.

classic vint