Toxicity is real

I do think there is such a thing as toxicity in social situations. In 2018 I made a big mistake by being around toxic people and my life took a nose dive for around 5-6 months, which im only now starting to crawl out of.

Turns out the people who tend to be toxic are the ones who say toxicity, gaslighting etc don’t exist.

A lot of American life revolves around toxicity: psychiatry, the military, the media, most if not all jobs, our president etc. People who are actively abusive towards others but do it for some (in their mind) noble reason like suppressing social deviance, instilling disciple etc

At the end of the day though I think adults need to learn that their actions have consequences and not everyone lives in a bubble.

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I believe you are correct but I would like you to go more into this.

What is toxicity exactly?

For me it is pretty simple, some people are assholes, I myself am an asshole because that’s just the way I am.

Should being an asshole be made illegal within society or on the internet?

As an asshole, I certainly hope not!

Then you also got the motherfuckers but they’re slightly different from your conventional assholes.

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we live in a society where most people wouldn’t mind being a billionaire drug empire king pin, or a stalin, communist party leader, they just want power and millions of slaves beneath them like a pharao in egypt. So yeah they’re gonna be a little ‘‘toxic’’ if you want to use that word, i prefer the world primal.

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the toxicity, of our city. Of our ciiiiity.

Now! What do you own the world?? How do you own disorder! Disorderrr!

We live in a society…