Tomboy Steakhouse or Femboy Hooters

Tomboy Steakhouse


Femboy Hooters



Just gonna go to a salad place instead



yea no

I don’t know what that first image is but I like it.

Thats why you bring your own friends and ignore everyone else. lol though honestly I kinda imagine the crowd being more of what drag queen pulls in

Femboy hooters because im a vegetarian.


this is exactly why male dna needs to be feminized. The sheer lack of forehead verticality on some of them is astounding to me. People need at least a fighting chance at passing as female.

Also I have additional plans to genetic engineer a super chad. I woke up this morning realizing that society needs superchads.

What’s the difference between GigaChad and SuperChad?

A superchad does not look like the Chad and virgin meme pic.

ethnically, tomboy steakhouse
personally… would just avoid both

femboys ftw