To what extent do you agree with this statement: “I am a narcissist.”

Note: The word “narcissist” means egotistical, self-focused, and vain

Depends. I am less narcissistic than most because I believe animals should have rights and I don’t eat meat. But I have a healthy pride and believe I am the only one who sees the world clearly, which some say is narcissistic.

Do you think you are one though?

I, for starters, dont believe in labels. We are all a spectrum. On one side there is narcissism and the other side of the spectrum there isn’t. Most people are a mix of different factors.

Everyone thinks they are morally right, in their own minds. I am the only person who is actually morally good in the world, because I am vegetarian.
There are other vegetarians who are morally good as well, but probably don’t have as coherent of a morality on other things as I do.


Furthermore, the question seems like a loaded one. For starters, I don’t agree the word hypergamy should be hypergamy, it ought to be called hypogamy.

Similarly, I don’t see the connection between narcissism and low empathy. I’ve met high empathy narcissists. The word narcissist stems from Ancient Greek god Narcissus, who turned into a flower after looking at his reflection too long. There are a lot of greek gods much morally worse.

The word Love, like the word Narcissism, has been diluted and distorted by modern American culture. We live in a post-truth society of course. Instead of listening to modern psychiatric nonsense we should study ancient meanings of languages. For example, the word Love in Greek had multiple meanings, and now it has been bastardized into an unclear monomeaning.

That being said, I would say narcissism is more common in women, I believe being a thot is narcissistic. Mainstream believes its more common in men, but again I dont really believe in mainstream normie nonsense. In what world do men stare at the mirror at themselves? Mainstream has lost sight of what makes sense.

Less than others

I think I am one yes

I’m entitled but not vain, so
sort of

It’s not accurate.

not really

Thought about it before, it doesn’t really apply to me.

vanity is sanity and we live in a society where everyone is entitled.

There is actually nothing wrong with feeling that you, as a human being, are entitled to satisfaction. In fact, the whole idea of society is about guaranteeing human rights to civilization. In fact, the very Constitution of America demands that the right to pursue happiness is a guaranteed right.

The UN said that getting laid is a human right. Those that think getting laid is not important to well being, are cringe and fringe.

If a country does not care about the quality of life of citizens then it is a bad country. If a business does not care about the satisfaction of their customers then it is a bad business.

think you are taking his wiki way too seriously, it says it’s a satire wiki

I dont remember if I read this on incels wiki or if this is mainstream news

i am the best narcissist there is

I do find that incredibly hard to believe. The UN isn’t on our side.