To put this on incel terms



Takes me back to being 5 and playing Pokemon Red version for the first time, borrowing from an older kid but never being allowed to save my new file.

The only exception to dating a single mother is if she is a widow, at least you know she was loyal enough to stay with the previous man until he died.

Yes, I overall agree with your assessment.

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Agreed,it’s pure cuckholdry.
You’re basically getting someones leftovers,after he’s emotionally abused them and you have to face the consequences.

Single mothers are public toilets for Chad, not for me. I am willing to have sex with them, of course, but no relationshits, no money for the bastard kid.

If the bastard kid is a swinger , then he probably will hate me and protect his mother-wh0re.

I sometimes think about what could be the mindset of a bastard kid raised by a whorish mother, he will probably say something like “well, my mother is a wh0re, so I don’t want to respect the laws, fuck society” and he will blow people’s heads with a gun.

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