To be 5/10 PSL

I am currently 2/10 PSL. I suffer from
extreme obesity, and I am manlet (178 cm)

My major flaws are

  • huge disgusting nose
  • no jaws

Only positive traits that I have:

  • good/decent zygos

If you want to rate me or doxx me, I provide info and pics. I want to reach a full 5/10 PSL score, it will be hard and painful but I think it can be done

Ogremaxx your way to pussies

I was thinking about losing weight, because my extreme obesity is an issue in everyday life.

Penis maxing is already implemented, as I am one of the most experienced penismaxers you can find

I thought dickmaxxing was a lie.

What have you tried? I currently am on an average routine, 6 hour or so of night stretching and only one session of Bathmate.

Nothing, I’m happy with my dick. It isn’t too big, but that’s fine.

I thought dickmaxxing techniques were a lie only to steal money from betas and incels.

I 3D printed an extender, once you know how they work it’s easy to replicate the design. But you can do everything without the help of external devices. It’s just that I prefer to use good products to facilitate my routines

Dickmaxxxing is a lie

If you don’t want to put the effort or had issues, then it’s ok, but if people keep reaching good results using the penismaxing techniques then it’s not a lie

the issue is not if penismaxxing will get you laid, the issue is does penismaxxing actually exist

The answer is an easy and quick “NO”, just like gymmaxing( or -celling) will not get you laid.

I am pussypilled

penismaxxing will get you laid, since it puts you at 0.1% above the competition for women who specifically need large dik

Yes most women want large penis. Too bad only face matters. If you are dickcel (below 19 cm) it’s almost over.

you are a good looking male, unfortunately glitterpill is not yet the reality of society, so just being normal healthy male will not be enough