'Tinder isn't real life'


“Stanford isn’t a credible source, sweaty.”(https://web.stanford.edu/~mrosenfe/Rosenfeld_et_al_Disintermediating_Friends.pdf)

It’s over, man. ;_;


keep chugging along
you can do it

Met through friends going down is depressing. That means that you can be a dick to a girl and you won’t have lost friends as a result.

there was a more personality orientated dating site in sweden “mazily” but it has now closed down, hardly any females used it.

How was it more personality oriented?

It worked like a social network, you posted and people of the opposite gender could see it.

But females prefer tinder where they can reject all unwanted males first so they are unable to message them.

And females in general are not interested in beta orbiters, they avoid males they are not attractes to.

Lol I remember mazily. I went on a vacation to Sweden and my friend there used it. Fuck, it’s been a long time since I heard that app name.

Honestly anyone that uses any kind of an internet tool to help them find a date is a beta male. Just grab your balls and go approach a woman in real life.


If you’re a beginner just approach a random woman who you think is single and ask her for directions.

“Hey do you know where the nearest bus station is”

“Yeah it’s 2 mins from here to the right”

“Oh okay. Thanks. I’m sorry I’m just a tourist here so I don’t know much”

“Oh so where do you come from”

“I come from insert a random city name

“Oh that’s nice”

“So what’s your name”

And you can take the convo from there. Worked for me every time

first of all thats not what ‘beta’ means. but whatever.

second of all, what woman? no seriously! what woman should I go talk to?
obviously you know more about my life and where I live than I do, so you tell me.
what woman?
what was her name and where did I miss her?
totally being serious.
talking is fine, I can talk, but act like if I try online dating I’m less than you.
dude get over yourself.

Resorting to online dating because you let your social insecurity issues get in your way of approaching woman you see in real life is a trait most beta males carry. Beta males are full of low self esteem and 0 confidence and that’s exactly why most of them start online dating because you can pretend to be someone you’re not online by putting a veil on the real you.

A woman you find attractive?

Never claimed to know about your life or you, you’re not that important. Are you implying that there are 0 attractive women in your area or town? Let me know which place is that so that I NEVER plan to take a trip out there.

what are you rambling about?

yeah i can see, i feel bad for you cause you’re being dumb and not actually joking about it.

Online dating is less desirable than dating in real life… are you saying you dont like the touch of a wet vagina, cuddling, spooning, holding hands while talking, long drives and so on?

but instead you want to “Type messages” to your “girlfriend”?

lets be real, online dating is less than real dating… online dating just promotes a solitary lifestyle, encouraging you to be a sad lonely little nerd who’s sitting in front of his computer screen waiting for his online girlfriend to reply to his heart emojis. You’re totally happy with something that doesn’t exist in reality and it gives you a false sense of happiness when in reality its just making you a unsocial little weirdo that would never try to approach girls in real life because he’s happy with an internet girlfriend.

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I see, so you put on a veil so others don’t see the real you? maybe you should try being honest, it’s more fulfilling to talk openly with someone than to hide who you are.

you’re right, you just made a blanket statement about anyone who uses any online dating platform for literally any reason.

I agree, but there aren’t any women in my area. because I live in the middle of nowhere.
which was my point, but I realize I should be more sympathetic to people like you when no self-esteem, you can find a good girl (or man, not going to assume) but you’ll need to be honest with them and with your self when you do.

Southwestern Pennsylvania.

I don’t know about you, but I think the point of online dating is to actually go see them.
what would be the point of an online-only girlfriend?
maybe you should get out more. or maybe you should try harder or something, put yourself out there you know? you’re in front of your computer too much.

what are you talking about… when did this become about me? I would never do anything remotely as close to online dating because thats not “dating”, it’s a tool used by socially awkward people to make themselves feel better for some momentary pleasure.

You’re a 32 year old man justifying online dating… read that statement again without actually feeling bad about yourself. Mine wasn’t a blanket statement, it holds true to everyone that is online dating.

Thats another excuse you’re letting have power over you because you’re mentally weak. I just choose not to buy the “there are no women in a 2 mile radius of me”. Go to a club/pub, join some communities that engage in fun activities, there are plenty of places where you can meet girls… obviously you dont live on Mars.

so you would travel hundreds of miles to see your online girlfriend but not a couple miles to meet women in your own town or city?

Stop making this about me just because I am telling you the bitter truth… im an MMA fighter and study in one of the best colleges in south france, i live in a resort town so i tend to talk to hot tourist women all the time.

when you put the veil of who you claim to be online on a pedestal, announcing you (he) was better than everyone else, you made it about you.

if that were true, then why are you here?

heres where you’re wrong, i dont claim to be anyone online… if you were in front of me id tell you the same thing about online dating, the same thing i am typing right now… its for socially inept individuals.

do i have to be a loser to be on this site? i dont think so.

lets be real, yes you are.

you don’t have to be a loser, but I’m not telling you to leave because you’re a loser.
I’m asking why would a person you’re claiming to be, want to be here.

this one was priceless. I just keep laughing at it.

what did i claim to be online which somehow “improved” my “internet rep”?

read my intro post on why i joined the site, im not an incel or a loser who thinks online dating is beneficial in any walk of life.

classic example of when one can’t refute something, they resort to dumb shit. Tell me any one successful guy that has online dated and chosen an internet relationship over a real life relationship with an actual female. Ill wait

literally, the part where you said:


heres some.
or here.

you did say any. googled it, wasn’t hard.

I never said online dating was better, I said I don’t have options.
you’re the one who can’t refute anything. you act like you know better for literally everyone else, but you don’t know anyone, you don’t even know yourself, you just pretend to be someone else to puff up your ego.

you haven’t answered ANY of my questions. just tried to mock and ridicule, but you don’t realize you’re talking about yourself.