This world does not exist

It is implied this world does not exist, it is very strange that we are here in this world of 2019, as opposed to ancient times or future times, why are we not ancient knights or gorrilas or giraffes… Right now we are exactly at the time in the middle between natural world and robot world, we are in the most unique time in history, the exact edge between natural and artificial, this is not coincidence we are at most unique time in history, this world likely does not exist and is an illusion

Well Quantum is building a robot so clearly we are in robot times.

The Matrix movie is a metaphor for modern, 1st world society. The internet is becoming a virtual reality for people rather than just a source of information. And yet a collapse would cause us to go back to a very violent, ancient way of being. Anyone hoping for this is an idiot, however.

High iq concept, and one I’m sure many including myself have gone through.

Is it a test of some kind, a dream - many things suggest to me it is a magical dream at times. Ancient things like religion can guide, sometimes I believe I am in a purgatory.