This website is braidead

Of all the forums I’ve been a part of over the years, this server has been the most fucked up. The layout is complete trash. WTF even is this website? It barely resembles a forum at all…

well I guess I’ll respond to defend this site given I pay money for it to exist and I’ve wanted to explain certain things in the past. We do have a much more active forum, but it is closed and private and we don’t want you in it given things you’ve posted.

This site uses Discourse forum software, that’s the “layout” you are complaining about I guess since other forums that share userbase you’ve probably seen or used use this Google Material theme, including sanctionedsuicide, see this page as an example of another forum using Google Material theme

  1. yes Discourse is not at all traditional. Traditional sucks. Traditionalism sucks. There are 11 “traditional” incel forums using phpBB or Xenforo out there, we do not want to be one of them. One reason being we are trying to distance ourselves as far as possible from the Bl ackpill death cult out there that just clones itself onto new phpBB and Xenforo boards 5 times a year. We don’t want to resemble them even in style.
  2. yes, discourse (the forum software this uses) takes time to get used to, it’s not comfy or familiar, nor is it designed for a lot of content. I could in 1 hour change this forum to phpBB and then the forum would be in your mind “not shit layout”, but we’re not using ancient software just because it’s familiar, sorry. It’s mostly build with security, modern layount, and civilized discourse in mind, I mean that’s literally the software tagline (“civilized discourse”), rather than post counts from people named “faggot”

If we got tons of users and they all really wanted Xenforo, then yea maybe we’d move to Xenforo because by then we wouldn’t need to distinguish ourselves via style, but until then there is no reason to just be another Xenforo forum, and this is the best option for this particular community for now.


You get used to it.

Another important thing to note is that the incel forums that use the software you like (Xenforo) almost all pirate it I’m guessing. Which means that those forums can be taken down at a moment’s notice and if they are using ads, they can also go to jail.

We want to avoid that nonsense. But if people
REALLY want Xenforo next year and the forum is still active I’ll put the money in to buy a license. It’s quite expensive. $140 per site… Plus renewal fees, all for the privilege of having a more traditional looking layout you could get with phpB

OP is a faggot. There, I said it. You happy?

We might move to Flarum as well in a couple years, which is like Discourse but faster and better foundational tech. But only once they hit stable, and have more than one dev answering on the forums, because right now Flarum is kind of an unsupported, buggy mess. Discourse, what this uses, is rock solid.

Also, most forums just don’t display well in Microsoft Edge, so yea this forum looks fucked up in Edge, use Chrome or Firefox or Opera or anything else for this site.

Troll harder, fa-…oh, that’s actually your name :rofl:

Edit: There’s probably also a Braincels pun somewhere, but this will do

Name is faggot and topic has typo in it, but complains the layout is trash. Opinion has to be legit.

@tables There are two main artforms, traditionalist vs. abstract.

The type of traditionalism you refer to, is a kind of tyranny which forces people to conform. Traditionalism in of itself isn’t bad, its the tyranny of conformity which you dislike.