This should be mandatory viewing for all "Femcels"

Scrolled to a random part in the video… she isn’t very bright is she?

She started by doing what men do and swiped on everything and got ~30 matches. And let’s be real here… nobody that’s a real incel could dream of that many. So she decided to change it up by only swiping on good looking ones (her chad sense was tingling)… you were complaining about a lack of matches and now want to cut it back even more? LOL.

Femcels do not exist as far as I’m concerned.

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You can tell she probably hasn’t been rejected basically at all. I don’t doubt for a single second after seeing how hard guys have it will she suddenly be giving non-chads a chance.

Yeah, that’s the point. “Femcels”. They aren’t real… especially not for average looking females. You simply cannot be an average looking female and be incel (even if we define incel as being unable to get within your looksmatch; it’s still just impossible).

She’s an average female, and I am confident that pretty much all of them would react in very similar ways. It should be mandatory to permanently dispel the myth of male privilege.

Then again, some females are truly vile. There are some that have gone on apps as males, but act like there’s no issue as long as they are getting matches of nothing but 1s, 2s, and 3s. Then still blame the male somehow for never attracting a single average female. Those ■■■■■ are truly sick.

femcels are sort of a meme as self-identified online but they do exist IRL

femcel=woman who doesnt want sex with normie men, wants chad but also wants long term chad, will reject short term chad, femcel=woman who gets dick pics from 1000 men but doesnt want sex, therefore femcel.

I have met one femcel who was 50 and fat, that is the only real femcels, anyone under 50 and not fat is not femcel.

Femcels are basically the chad only meme in a real person. They could (and have admitted so in their forums) that they do get offers and interest, but not to men of their standards. That’s just celibate, which is probably why it’s just femcel (female celibate) just chad chasing women.

they are not chad only, they reject chads, they want perfect personality chad who embraces courtly love.

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also this

I created a Tinder account with my real pics and changed location to Canada. I’m not in good shape but I’m not ugly. @Love would say I’m well above average (although her opinion on people’s looks is known to be… unpopular).

After several days I only got like 4 matches and none were responsive (except that one bot that tried to scum me).

Then, I created an account with pics of a random 5/10 female (or even lower depending on how picky you are) and again changed location to Canada.

Got several matches with 7+ males, all of them super responsive. All of those matches happened in the span of less than one hour.

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Sounds about right to me.

Love will say that NONE of them are interested in a long term relationship? How likely do you think that is the case?

you are above average looks. Since Love seems to be one of the only females on earth thats actually attracted to men, i’d say her opinion is valid in some cases, but she does seem to bias her opinion though based on clothing and status. I think her rating of Restart is unfair and biased, however her taste in males seems to be similar to my own, and therefore I think a lot of her ratings are accurate. And her rating of females is often similar to mine only differing by 1 point (10%) on the deci scale.

Blackpill is proven correct, this is science in action. Denial of blackpill is denial of science and facts.