THIS is what a 'femcel' has claimed, but do we believe her?

Smells like pure BS

Don’t know if it’s a stinkin, lying legit ‘femcel’ or idiotic LARPing incel tbh

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I once had a “femcel” tell me that the only time she held hands with a male was some 300lbs 30+ year old guy, and she was 18. And then he ended up rejecting her.

And then ghosts me ofc.

Lmao honk honk

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I’ve been told some of those things.

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wait… you’re a woman?


They were living in Australia so I only knew them online of course though they were not catfishing.

Yes I believe it may be true, but she was probably trying to date chadlite+ men – they know how to be harsh.

If any of us try to date stacylite+ women we’ll hear the same things or worse.

Yes femcels do exist. I believe them, I mean they are all standardcels, but everyone is standardcel to some degree

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