THIS is what a 'femcel' has claimed, but do we believe her?

Smells like pure BS

Don’t know if it’s a stinkin, lying legit ‘femcel’ or idiotic LARPing incel tbh

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I once had a “femcel” tell me that the only time she held hands with a male was some 300lbs 30+ year old guy, and she was 18. And then he ended up rejecting her.

And then ghosts me ofc.

Lmao honk honk

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I’ve been told some of those things.

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wait… you’re a woman?


They were living in Australia so I only knew them online of course though they were not catfishing.

Yes I believe it may be true, but she was probably trying to date chadlite+ men – they know how to be harsh.

If any of us try to date stacylite+ women we’ll hear the same things or worse.

Yes femcels do exist. I believe them, I mean they are all standardcels, but everyone is standardcel to some degree

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No this is horse shit.

Femcel is volcel but i guess you could argue incels are volcel for not being gay, even though gaysex is something many incels would not enjoy. So then the underlying problem is that femcels seem hardcoded to not want sex with any males, you could look at this problem in one of two ways, either way DNA adjustment is needed, firstly you could change the DNA of females to be more attracted to males, or secondly you could change male DNA to be more attractive to the females, personally I prefer option 3 which is both options, because a lot of males don’t like their own aesthetics so getting female validation for something they themselves don’t really admire would seem a bit like a consolation prize and not the full deal, thus not holistic, at most its just getting a nut or satisfying an urge for a temporary relief.