This is mostly true about blackpill spaces

I remember the first time I joined a blackpilll forum, I was shown a GIF telling me to hang myself. This could have been an alt of one of the mods or something, I don’t know, but it ONLY happened the first day I joined. A lot of this rings true.

I’d have something to say about this but the first reply on that page takes care of it all.

Update: Nevermind, the vast majority of replies, not only the first, rip him apart.

Well, that same guy Greencappy can be seen arguing in the comments, and he said this:
“Right now I don’t “bang stacies” but I just talk to girls as friends, as just human beings because I don’t want sex anyway and I didn’t find a gf. But anyway, you’re not entitled to sex. If you really want it so much go to prostitutes. If not, just talk to girls respect them and even if you wouldn’t have a gf at least you would have good friends, because a girl just can not be into you and you also can realise this girl is not made for you.”

Sorry but he just sounds like a little bitch, and is basically detracting from his own points made in saying these kinds of things.

Bluepill VS Blackpill. Which sounds more reflective of reality?

First reply is accurate except for the therapy part. Therapy does help. No, it won’t solve inceldom (unless you fuck your psychologist of course, but that’s another story). It helps you accepting your incel situation without going ER or committing suicide.

Talk therapy doesn’t seem that helpful.

Talk therapy does help. It must be noted however that the therapist won’t tell you the “solution” to whatever problem you’re facing, they’ll help you to better understand and deal with it.

I went through talk therapy in 3 stages of my life (childhood, teenagehood, and adulthood) each one with a different therapist. All of them were worth the investment, the exception being perhaps the one in childhood, I don’t recall this one very much.

We think we have everything figured out and know every bit about our problems. But we don’t. I didn’t even know I was bipolar until my therapist told me so. Now it’s clear but wasn’t until then. Now I have some tools to fight against my disorder. I can see when it’s driving me away from my regular life and fight back.

And for some reason I sometimes start to imagine people are plotting against me. My therapist helped me realize that it’s something inside my mind, and not real. Now I can kind of watch my own mind and reason about what’s real and what’s my own crazyness. Feels like breaking the fourth wall.

In many cases, feelings of persecution really are just delusions of persecution.

In other cases… I have my doubts. For instance, the female plot to torture me and turn me insane, as such as been ongoing and unrelenting for many, many years. Which will now fail due to my awareness of it. If I remove myself from this world then it will be on my own terms (logic such as deciding that not existing/feeling neutral is better than existing/feeling miserable), not because I literally lost my fucking mind.

its not an organized plot though