Think that the government should just let COVID-19 wash over the United States

we’re just delaying the inevitable and all he victims will be old geezers anyway

Just let it happen. Sink or swim. Sucks if you’re a medical worker tho.

That’s pretty much what’s been happening already. If the USA just continues whats it’s doing it’ll happen. I have little hope for the USA

The old geezers want to crush the young even harder, with MORE taxes to pay for their survival. I agree.

Well, unless my government extends my NEETbuxx, and doesn’t try to rob poor students of the few thousand they finally get. I’d only accept higher taxes if I actually get to keep the money I got.

Even USA is better than Canada in that regard. Canada is all about ‘tolerance, inclusion’ yet discriminates against students. I wouldn’t put it past them to only come after white male students who CBA to look for a shitty job at Walmart during the summer despite having TWO degrees.