Think I'll just stay indifferent about BLM

Because I care about it way too little to provoke all the various seething people on either side.

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BLM is gey

I’m just ignoring it and hoping it’ll eventually go away. Smart enough not to give an opinion in public.


I don’t give two shits dude.

Bashed them and called them Commies (with video evidence provided of leaders admitting their ideology) on my Facebook. But only Friends can see it of course.

I’m very much against BLM and have been pretty outspoken about it in the book community, where support for BLM is actively pushed on people. Somehow I haven’t been canceled. Idk why. All my woke friends are basically ignoring my stance on this.

BLM isn’t bipartisan. They are incredibly left-wing and pushing an anarchist, anti-capitalist agenda. I mean, I think it’s fine to push those agendas. I could probably even get on-board with a lot of their points. But it’s super disingenuous to shroud it under the guise of anti-racism.

Anyone who doesn’t support BLM is called a racist and that’s just incredibly dishonest when BLM pushes for so many policies that are explicitly left-wing and have little to do with racism. It’s like “Be a socialist or you’re a racist” and “Universal healthcare or you’re a racist.”

And I don’t know how widespread this was in other circles, but a lot of people in the book community were pushing this whole “If you are upset about the rioting/looting, you’re a racist!” narrative, and considering my city was actually on fire for a hot minute, that really annoyed me. I live really close to downtown, and being told I’m a racist for worrying about the explicit threat of violence had me pretty livid. No idea how that isn’t some kind of feminist issue. Like women’s comfort is of the utmost importance until a group with more victim points wants to burn shit down.

But yeah, I’m not supporting any movement that is pro-anarchy, pro-violence, and anti-capitalist. I’m not supporting any movement that tries to position itself above criticism by cloaking itself in something everyone can agree with (racism is bad) to trojan horse a radical leftist agenda.