They're talking about 'sub8' law/theory on other incel forums

Some idiots apparently think being sub8 in looks today = incel

tell me ppl aren’t so stupid on incelistan

I think it comes from a schism in the standards between those who are neurotypical and those that are not.

Autistics are over-represented in Incel, and if you are autistic then it is most definitely over as a sub8.

That’s a good point yes

Alot of those autist-cels seem to buy into that sub8 stuff too I noticed it makes sense

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Beyond physical looks it’s about money, power, influence, and position.

You could be the most hideous looking fat fucking guy there is and yet if you’re a multi billionaire you’re still getting pussy every night of some kind.

If you’re fat or just average looking where you’re flat broke and dirt poor you’re entirely fucked everyday from sunrise to sundown in every which way. This is why I always lean towards the socio economic angle of the argument. Yes, physical looks or appearances does play a role but that is only half of the equation, the other half is money and socio economic power.

You could be a great looking guy physically yet be totally poor and still get no pussy or female attention because at the end of the day women are socio economic creatures where money is their gauge of determining sexual interaction and reproductive outcomes. Women and females are completely monetary transactional creatures regarding sexual intercourse because the base nature of them is rooted in hypergamous prostitution. You can stick your dick into it but with women you have to purchase it and transact first. You can take the cow home with you but first you must buy the cow.

On every woman’s vagina with all the wear or tear it receives concerning overall mileage there should be a tattoo that reads something like, “Another satisfied customer as another successful transaction has been received”.

Sexual markets are always at play and within dominance concerning human sexual interactions, especially more so with human females.


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Not true, i’ve met poor people that live in a trailer but get laid every day. They are good looking and charismatic of course.

Women care about money but in the sense that it is a bribe to get them to look the other way at a man’s bad genes.

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