There is probably someone for you out there

I know I know, bluepill trite nonsense, but hear me out. There are over 3 billion women in the world. At least one of them probably would gel with you.

Doesn’t mean you’ll find them… but they exist. I used to think that women didn’t have as wide of a variety in taste of men than men had taste in women. Actually I still believe that. But there really does exist a woman for everyone. For example,

yes there are women with incel fetishes.


Yes there are women who like being being a dominatrix.


Yes there are women that fetishize wheelchair bound men.

Yes there are women that fetishize sad men.

There are however a few fetishes that I have not really seen enough proof of to claim there are any women that hold the fetish. I’ve seen a number of charts showing, “mom” porn is the most (or one of the most) wide search terms among men. Now how many bio women have a mommy dom fetish for men? So far I have seen exactly 0.


At the same time given devoteeism exists, I bet this exists somewhere in the wild too, I’d bet money on it.

So there really is someone out there for everyone. I hope you find what you are looking for. Unfortunately dating apps and other speed dating type thing etc are bad ways to date, even if they are becoming the majority way to date. If you aren’t a 10/10 and you are a male, tens of thousands of women need to see your personality and dating apps do not give you a chance to do that. The only real solution is something where you can show your personality, something like Youtube or sites for artists etc.


Why would i want a gf who fetishes me? I mean, I’ll take what I can get but the relationship would be unfulfilling and shallow.

Honestly I think seeing “female nature” first hand through social media and dating apps (not to mention IRL) has kinda killed any desire I had of searching for this unicorn.

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there exist some very nice women out there

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Please link me any and all resources for this very important development in the course of human history.

There are only females who are mean and females who seem nice.

For all intents and purposes, in this context, only one type of female exists.

The one I want is likely in prison. She’d probably be in there for possession of shota & loli pr0n along with talking about raping people through intense levels of hate speech.
It’s difficult to find anyone that cares about my ROM & hack archives, so she’d have to defend all the types of content inside it. I don’t want anything less.
Sometimes I wonder if I should try to look for some girl on the sex offender registry. She’d be fun.

Yes, some women out there think they’d appreciate a relationship with a depressed male, most of them are insecure women – they want depressed or less-than-attractive males because there’s less chance of being cheated on.

I’m depressed, bipolar, and less-than-attractive. Being in a long-term relationship with me is tiresome. I’m going to have bad days (I mean very bad days) for the rest of my life, it’s part of who I am. A hypothetical girlfriend would tolerate my mental health problems for a few months, at most.

This is why clucking exists

I’m not that fucked up mentally and a lot of it just comes from being incel.

So it’s truly over for severe mentalcels.

It really depends on the person. There’s some that enjoy taking care of others such as those in medical and helping professions. Also that’s kind of what a relationship is in terms of something long term like life partners. That’s why a lot of people get into relationships so that someone will look after them when they are old. In a relationship there’s good days and bad days and having someone that stays through the bad days is how you know they are a keeper. Through sickness and in health right

I agree but the probabilty is still low and if you live outside of the west, the probability of meeting such women shrinks drastically.

Not sure what you’re going on about.

The worst females on the planet (especially if you’re White) are in the Western world…

Yeah always heard guys coping about EE/Asian women being better than the west. Not even close from reports, but certainly never heard someone saying western are what to look for.

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Why is that?

I am from Turkey and honestly these type of girls mentioned in this thread are too foreign and western to me. Culture has a great impact on dating.

as a Turkish guy trust me girls here are the worst

how so?

What do they expect of you that you can’t deliver? Because they’re trad?

money and looks

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And also turkish girls are hypergamous as hell. Check out the Phillips beauty index.

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