There is only one gender II

Change my mind.

High-effort thread this time with an explanation.

There is only one-gender. There are actually only two genders but I view it as one-gender because these two genders are in everyone.

There is only one gender and one sexuality.

People fluctuate between being masculine and feminine. Women fluctuate between feeling horny and asexual.

there is only one sexuality.

Vagina is simply an inverted penis. Vagina is just a penis pointing inward, with a small clit penis pointing outward. Females are mostly in love with themselves, with a little bit of love for males, such as the chads and pretty boys. Female arousal is usually from the male’s desire for her, unless the male is very attractive then its both things, a double sexuality.

Perhaps you mean gender is a one-dimension system, like a line? One end would be male and the other would be female.

No gender is not sex. Gender is a hormonal and spiritual concept, masculine and feminine. There are 2 genders but only one gender really because everyone fluctuates between masculine and feminine.