There are only two genders

If anyone disagrees I’d love to have a debate on this topic.

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Hemafros could count as a 3rd gender

There are two sexes but people are all over the place as far as gender that gender is a rather useless concept.


If you have a dick you’re a man
If you have a vagina, you’re a woman

There are no exceptions to it. Honestly this new age of pleasing everyone and not hurting anyone’s feelings is ridiculous.

Chromosomes determine the sex and the gender of the person.

She suffers from identity crisis

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This is true.

Yes there’s XXY, or XYY or whatever.

Well if you have a Y chromosome(s), you’re male. If you lack any Y chromosomes, you’re female.

Theres only two sexes. Theres never been a true instance of someone being truly intersex from what I know.
However gender is entirely conceptual so you can be whatever you feel like in the same way you can be christian or vegan or antitheist or whatever.
But the only times this should ever interact with law is through adding gender identity to protected classes in the same way race and religion are. You can call someone whatever name you want if youre a dick because free speech(something I value) but you cant deny them services on the bases of race, religion or gender identity.
Also gender is irrelevant to physical performance but sex isnt. Idk how to solve the trans athletes situation other than to give them an alternate category from men and women altogether but no answer is really without consequence. Trans military service is definitely okay though as long as they fulfill the same criteria as everyone else.

TLDR: Theres only two sexes. Gender is whatever you feel. The only time gender should be a matter of law is through adding gender identity to the same protected classes list as race and religion and such. Doesnt mean you cant say mean things to them if youre a dickwad type. Just means they get the same services everyone else does under the same rules

respectfully… I disagree. but thank you for a constructive well thought out point of view.

I think there are only two genders, and that comes from having met a few people who are trans (online, but not including folks here) in my understanding most transgender people just want to be referred to by the gender they transition to and don’t want some 3rd or 4th or 5th gender made to “fit” (or excuse) them.

I think the whole multigender thing is a fade, and is silly. but that is just my perspective.

Edit: lets not forget this all started years back from that anime “Blue Gender”
(kidding sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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I also appreciate your opinion.
The most I could really dedicate to as to the number of genders is theres at least 3: Male, Female and Intergender
Gender is definitely a duality between male and female but intergender could be considered a third. I dont see reason to deny how someone feels if they say they are intergender. If they feel and think in a way that doesnt lean towards either way(regardless of how they outwardly behave since theres effeminate males and masculine females), you kinda have to consider the midpoint a third category just for categorization purposes. There really isnt enough dogma in me to lock so hard onto the idea of there being only two genders that i vehemently deny a possible equilibrium between two opposing sides(not to imply that you were)

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There is no difference between sex and gender… both are determined by the chromosomes in one’s body.

Its the modern day snow flake era that has made it a norm that people can be who they want and hence change their gender, which is absolutely bogus. Even ScienceABC says that gender became interchangeable only in the recent days and newsflash its because of insecure people who are uncomfortable with their innate gender.

I’m assuming you have never been in the military so for you to say such an incorrect thing, im not surprised. I have been in the french legion for 2 years and the reason why armies have banned transgender people is because of their medication. In a heavy duty combat situation, transgenders are most likely to be a burden because their body structure is in a phase of change and hence can’t adapt to the physically challenging scenarios. And the military don’t want to take that risk.

Yeah we develop language as we learn more lol. You can assert what you like and quote pop science and appeal to anti-sjw rhetoric all you want but theres clear difference between sex and gender. Youre only talking about chromosomal sex. The measure of a creatures sex is most often indicated by their gametes. Gender however is something purely internal to the essence of a person. You’re acting like science changed because people got offended when the reality is that science is still figuring it out and scientists have seen that there is something to gender dysphoria. Not sex dysphoria. Not everything left wing is about getting offended

Also Ive been researching for joining the US air force and they dont reject people that take prescription drugs. You researched the wrong military.

this is not learning more, this is called bending over backwards to please a small crowd of people that feel uncomfortable in their body. If you go back to 1950s, you’d see there was no such thing as “there’s a difference between sex and gender” because there was no such degeneracy.

Can you link me a credible source by a scientist that says there is a difference between sex and gender and that gender is determined by what a person feels and not their bodily composition? thanks

“facts dont care about your feelings”- Ben Shapiro. So lets say i was born with the male chromosomes, got a penis and everything that a young healthy boy should have, but i identify as a female, does that mean by gender I am a female but according to my sex, i am a male? That just sounds stupid.

Im french i was talking about the french military… but even the US military has banned TRT usage which was the main reason why trump banned transgenders in the military. TRT isnt a prescription drug.

The moment someone says “degeneracy”, i know theyre getting triggered. At least now I know that the 1950s was the pinnacle of scientific knowledge.

No I cant get you a source because this is all new given that people can be more open about their conditions and mental health has come a long way. What we do know is that brains are fucky and while gender is tied to sex, there are anomalies and people form differently. I dont have enough information to be able to say that gender is unchanging because this whole area is new grounds.

Glad to know that what a person understands about their own mental status are just feelings. Thanks Einstein.
“Sounds stupid”. Youd be amazed at how many stupid things are true

It is prescription for an intended goal of treating their gender dysphoria. Plus that only applies to people who are actively transitioning and arent done yet which is clearly not a state fit for military service. A person should be completely done with the process before they put themselves in the military and im for it if they arent allowed to enlist while still going through the process

Triggered? are you 15?

Of course you cant get a source because there is not a single scientist in the world that would agree with this degenerate bullshit that has risen in the past few years.

so lets assume i am a 40 year old man but because of my “mental health” i identify as a 6 year old. So just to appease to my mental health, would you really register me as a 6 year old? That would open up a new can of worms including pedophilia and molestation.

Yes they are just feelings, just because a girl with a vagina feels she’s a boy, doesn’t mean she is one. You’re welcome.

It is not a prescription drug. It is not a drug in the first place, im an MMA fighter and many people in my weight division take TRT just to have an edge over their opponents. Its a therapy. And all of them suffer from heart palipitations and artery problems 2-3 months down the line. Which is the exact reason why the military has banned the usage of TRT.

And you are wrong, transgender people have to be on a lifetime supply of TRT, the dosages decrease as the time goes but they dont stop. Google the downfalls of TRT. I can go into the endocrinology of the same but you wont understand it.

“Well if you have a Y chromosome(s), you’re male. If you lack any Y chromosomes, you’re female.”

If you look carefully at the person in , their hands and forearms are too long for a person who is female. This person was born with a vagina, balls, and XY chromosomes. She doesn’t respond to testosterone, but she has male skeletal structure, thus the forearms and hands. You see, people with a Y chromosome generally have male skeletal structure, where the difference between male and female skeletal structure is in the hands, feet, and forelimbs. Male people have bigger hands and longer forelimbs than female people, even if they are both the same height. This person in the video is “intersex”. Thus it is possible to be kind of “between” being all the way male and all the way female.