The "Why Incels are Ultimately the Good Guys" Meme

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he who gains all the money of the world but loses his soul has nothing.

though i can’t imagine how someone with millions of dollars could possibly be incel (though i read in celebrity magazines that if you don’t have at least hundreds of millions of dollars you are “middle class” and therefore taboo to marry. So someone with only 10 million dollar is middle class and therefore taboo according to some rich women.)

I mean, who gives a shit about what rich females think or what modern wh0res in general believe or desire.

The ten million dollars with inceldom is theoretical. Technically it isn’t really possible to be incel then with prostitutes, but then no one here would be incel either since almost anybody could afford sex within once every 6 months. And if a female is obviously attracted to a male solely due to the fact he has ten million dollars, it’s really no different from prostitution anyway.

I’d be kicking down door number 2 personally