The war against non betas

went to get some shoes, i am taller than normal. Went to get some online shoes. These were androgenous shoes, just wanted some good and comfy shoes. it said mens womens shoes on amazon. I click the shoes, but these shoes only go up to size 10, society only caters to tiny little feet people.

tall people or people with hobbit feet not allowed to be happy, they are not allowed to just live life. Society only allows betas to have freedom. If u have superior genes and are not beta, u are only allowed the garbage shoes not the good shoes.

then i saw these garbage shoes, reviews said the shoes only lasted a few days. and then the shop said that it comes into 3 colors, gentleman colors. And its like if u are born male, society hates u, ur not allowed to have fashion not allowed to have style, have to pick boring gentlemen colors of grey brown or black then be an incel cause women see ur trash shoes that fall apart after 5 days.

I just want comfy vegan shoes yet too much to ask, not even on the whole internet can i find any shoes. its a war against the non betas.

What the fuck, only goes up to size 10? I’m size 12.

Of course virtually no females are too large for anything overall. I actually broke my headphones overtime, with the plastic side breaking apart from the pressure of having a larger head. Though a quick fix for that was crazyglue + baking soda. I have new ones now.

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society caters to females and beta males, if you have feet larger than ten u cannot get good house shoes, lemme send link.

actually they do not even go to size 10 anymore, normally it goes up to 11 but it is not avaliable.

these are the mens size shoes

not even vegan and they fall apart in 5 days according to some reviews (not sure if reviews are true.) However i am 100% sure they only come in 3 colors, grey brown and black which reflects the only 3 personalities moids are allowed to have, grey brown or black.

my ideal shoes are this but of course not allowed,

men u need to work hard go to college for 5 years then you might get a nice wifey, oh he looks so handsome in his designer tie and he is such a gentleman too, i bet he gets chased by lost of women don’t you sonny. You don’t need those girly comfy house shoes do you? men work with their hands and you need to physically have to put on shoes with your hands so you have to wash your hands every time after you put on your house shoes, builds character and discipline.

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And yet, there are always large enough shirts for fatass females. Society caters to females, even obese 2s.

According to a random converter on the web I’m size 9. Ironically, I would pick one with a “boring” color.