The tyranny of the poor

If you are unlucky (99% of people are unlucky) you will be born into the poor. Then you will be surrounded by tyrannical poor people (cretins.) You will live a life of oppression by cretins.

You will have to get a job. Then at your job will be mediocre music that is popular with poor people. You will be bombarded by mediocrity, poor people music, and all manner of unsavory things. Like a slave you will have to bear this burden for many years, some even to the grave. You will have to deal with rude, miserable, and brutish coworkers, family members, and bosses. The collective horde of poor will drag you down unless you can escape poverty. You may even have to work as a humble fry-cook, feeding them horrible, processed cancerous foods. Breathing in the fumes. At the end of the day you will be expected to pretend as if everything is ok.

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I’m the rude coworker sometimes, I’m trying to be a better coworker.

I’m sure your an excellent co worker

Its mostly bosses that are to blame. They force horrible year 2020 radio music on radio. Then make their stores look as cheap as possible with bad aesthetics. Its just something beneath that higher humans should not have to endure.

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Not really… I’m an overly critical person. I never hurt people’s feelings on purpose but still my coworkers get hurt because I have a hard time accepting mistakes.

On the other hand I kind of hurt my own feelings too because every time I do something wrong I feel like the worst programmer ever.

But I know I’m nice when I’m not complaining about how things could be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in how you tell others about mistakes