The truth about hypergamy and polygamy

the experts of anthropology, human behavoiral analysis and other people will say that men are more likely to cheat, that women are goodie two shoes that stay loyal and pair bonded to their husbands, because women find the best man possible then pair bond. This is nonsense. Just part of the agenda to keep moids down.

I will explain. I am bisexual so I’m 99% sure I’m right about this. Sometimes I get turned on thinking about getting my bhole tore up by hot guys. I get turned on by whoredom to hot guys, what really turns me on is that they are moid personality so I don’t have to deal with fickle females. However its not enough for them to be handsome chads. Was watching asmr of a beautiful chad and turned it off after one minute, dude was boring. I enjoyed watching asmr of a cute chubby bearded man more. Turned that off too because he wasnt vegan. I have high standards. Sometimes I cum to men then after I cum I feel either bored or ashamed.

I am 99% sure females are exactly the same as this. You can talk about the experts all day but at the end of the day I am the expert whos better than a lot of the experts. And what I see from female behavoir IRL is them acting the exact same as this. Have watched vids of females who are actually professional experts of female sexuality confirm much of what I’m saying. Hypergamy is why females dont seek LTR till 30. Both moids and females hop from mate to mate partner to partner until 30. MONOGAMY IS MALE. Females do not feel total satsifaction from sex with males. They are always seeking better males. Hypergamy is whoredom.

Here is a summary. Females seek out new males because she feels the current male is not interesting. Males seek out new females because the new female is interesting. There is also a 2nd difference. Males will seek out monogamy with a sufficiently attractive female. Females will always feel hypergamy even married to chad and not truly ever get satisfied even by chad. Let me explain further. Males will be satisfied with their wife until they see a hotter girl outside, this is going outside as duty and not on purpose. Females will not be satisfied with their husband and go outside on purpose in order to see a better husband. This is like this because the penis is made to scoop out the cum of other men. So females are about trying to find multiple high quality men to compete over her and also have sex with her. People are like “oh, it isnt so, its men who cheat, women want marriage for years” bs. Women generally either want whoredom or just to use man as a sperm utility to create children. Women who dont have BDSM fantasies tend to be more immoral, BDSM fantasy is a sign of morality because the woman knows she inherently craves the dick of multiple chads but wants to be chained to the bed by her husband so she can be loyal.

Tldr. Cliffs?

drink some coffee or nootropics, i believe you have the brain intelligence to read but are just lazy.

What do you mean by cliffs?

cliffs mean bullet point summary please

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And that is true – under the right circumstances, of course.

Females just adhere more to whatever the dominant social norms are. Males actually have a mind of their own.

So yes, that should be taken advantage and society needs to be cleaned up. Inceldom is by and large a societal issue.

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totally out of context quote.

I never said any such thing, I was quoting normies.