The true horror of how many sorry simp penises there are online stalking and ready to orbit anything fem


They are everywhere

I fear the gender inbalance pill could be worse than I feared

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“If I pretend to be a male feminist maybe female feminists will suck my dick and fuck me by my sheer virtue signaling alone. Hashtag#Fuck-Me-Too!”

Isn’t it blatantly obvious man?

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Thought it was already over when I heard the average girl has 5000 orbiters in her dms.

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Beyond a certain point, it really doesn’t matter.

1000 orbiters or 5000 orbiters hardly changes anything. It’s just been fucked ever since orbiting itself became a thing. One of the hallmarks of the post-modern era.

society isn’t based so they use religious “tape” method to brainwash people into somehow getting the system to run smoothly. In primate species there is no such thing as an equal population of males and females living in harmony, society has to bullshit around for it to work. When the bullshit fails then it all falls apart. Primate females are just naturally disgusted by the primate male appearance most of the time. Males arent naturally meant to work in cubicles all day, its a made up fiction and unnatural. Videogames are like true nature instinct. Based shows are shows where like a majority of female population and like a couple of males in the community.

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Yes exactly. It’s why I particularly hate virtue signalling cunts that spew crap like, ‘why can’t we just all live in harmony, it’s fine, no war, it’s fine we’ll take immigrants’ yeah of course it’s fine bitch coz in that case men would massively outnumber women. If there was no war and women outnumbered men I wouldn’t complain either.

As it stand it is as you say, nature has dictated that social harmony basically is impossible in today’s world UNLESS you become very drastic in what happens e.g. state sanctioned girlfriends, state sanctioned sex workers etc. And oh boy imagine how worked up those stupid cunts would get if you were to suggest those things.

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Female hypergamic sexual selection or behavioral reproductive practices always ensures social inequality is guaranteed, sexual equality has always been bullshit since day one.

The very nature of sexual hypergamy is predicated on male social inequality itself, feminists will never discuss that though as they like to go on pretending that isn’t an issue at all.

Female sexual hypergamy is always predicated on unequal outcomes.