The true history of this community

Seeing various people giving really weird accounts so here’s timeline:


  • I create in October 2017 but have no idea how to invite people cuz I don’t use Reddit
  • reddit dot com/r/ in cels banned in November 2017
  • I go to ince ls dot me the first few days of it’s existence, and don’t like it, although the admins were strangely easy to get along with at that time
  • I create an account there to spam my subreddit r/leftyincel, no one cares, they are all right-wing or social conservatives. Get banned a few times from ince ls dot me for advertizing. I give up on Reddit and try Facebook.
  • Incelistan, a large anti-invcel facebook forum gets completely banned in February 2018, mostly due to poor adminship. I contact their former admin and volunteer to build it back up from scratch, not revealing my intention to make it pro-invcel
  • I invited various invcels and outcasts from a Facebook group called DC9, which was like a mostly white hipster group for members of a political debate group called ‘this is a weird hill to die on’ or ‘weird hill’
  • Made it pro-invcel and banned anti-invcels, including most of the admins, we had about 600 members at this point, one person spared was Matt as he seemed invcel
  • Nick C. a right-wing libertarian, I give co-adminship to the Facebook group because he was the only member brave enough to associate his real name and face with invcel outside the forum.
  • Someone changed the group name without asking to something implying we all had small penises, and I got offended as myself and others have large penises
  • Tried to change the group name back but Facebook wouldn’t let us for months
  • Created to resolve the penis situation, Nick C. get co-adminned as well
  • Master from in cels do co and I are still on good terms. Master and I start working on banning various anti-invcel forums, successfully, mostly Master’s work though. Master pins us on in cels dot co, but we don’t get any members from that, because the users don’t like our tone
  • Invited people from the Facebook group I still adminned but they said they weren’t ‘truecels’ and so had no need for it
  • I keep it around and pushed it on various media outlets contacting me about my vlogs, and it gets a few hundred members, mostly from that.
  • BBC 3 makes a documentary featuring Matt, who was on both the Facebook group and here, but mostly the Facebook group. We also get mentioned in Refinery29, Mako, and a few other places
  • Wikipedia refuses to not make in cels seem like terrorists, and In cel WIki which I adminned started taking a tradcon route that was gross, so I purged the word ‘in cel’ from the URL and made it
  • We get mentioned in a few places with the new domain name, but have trouble attracting users who are joining in good faith
  • Nick C starts neovag fucking a tranny and so gets de-adminned from the Facebook group. He later gets re-adminned.
  • Some prolific posters of get banned for various reasons. Vintologi for being anti-invcel elsewhere. Zero_Sum for spamming and rule breaking, CFM for ban evasion.
  • Last month, someone who leads a lefty MRA group contacts me to start an actual lefty in cel forum, which was my original goal all along, everything gets set set into stone, but he refuses to give me his real name, and even though he was genuine, I can’t do business with someone like that.
  • Facebook group gets shadow banned from Facebook at around 2000 active users, so I leave it on mostly good terms. Users there still prefer to spin in circles than join any external forum (including competitors).
  • Wikipedia starts signaling to me they are just going to keep raising the temperature on the word ‘in cel’ so I ban the word from this forum and tell people to use ‘involuntary celibacy’ instead. Inc el Wiki gets forked once the previous wiki starts taking too much of a tradcon route. After the fork occurs, they stop being tradcon due to lobbying and the tradcons being overzealous and eventually banned forever from the wiki. We keep a say in the wiki.
  • We are still working on the aforementioned man wanting to start a lefty in cel f orum being a bit more transparent… But for now exist as an involuntary celibacy group for all political persuasions. This forum retained the same database as and some members of the Facebook group.
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I miss the Facebook group, you should make another one

Well given most ur your userbase are righties, something failed at some point in your master plan

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the left/right divide this is cringey anyways, when I push left wing stuff I’m just trying to get a broader coalition of people in the sphere

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You need to add multilanguage support then people will join. Specifically, we need support for Japanese language because they have the most virgins in the world (and because they are the boss of Gaming). I don’t wish for China or North Korea language support because we are currently at a cold-war against them. Get some first-worlders in here like from European countries. Philippines are to be included as well, I think they have sexless males there too. Adding India language support might be a good idea too.

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