The trap of consciousness

we are souls trapped in flesh of the body. we never asked to be in this world but here we are anyway.

Cant praise life unless you have a life worth living.

Most lives are misery until the day you die, then you reincarnate and start a new one. even death (escape from this life) is painful so its like life forcing you to stay in it clinging you on to it.

Most people don’t recognize this, it is a function of ignorance. Like you can literally gauge how ignorant someone is based on their perception of this particular concept. It is one of the easiest ways to gauge their personality.

Like with me not a week goes by without me getting a headache. Headache is mostly from american television, they purposefully put compressors on the voices so it sounds as monotone, loud and annoying as possible.

Part 2: What Consciousness is

We are janitors of our own minds.

The brain function of our consciousness is to sort through trash and prevent our subconscious from being burdened by useless garbage information. Our consciousness function is to sort through trash, our existence consists of wading through trash.

When we are having fun, or happiness, its actually because our conscious mind is quiet and we are more in harmony with our subconscious mind.

Thus, Christianity and atheism are equally retarded concepts, leading to equally retarded societies.

Both have notions of minimal investment and overvaluation of current life. Both consider each person fundamentally seperate, thus are both fundamentally selfish and amoral idealogies.

The exception to this is Gnostic Christianity, which believes in reincarnation. Jesus never explicitly stated that we dont reincarnate.

Mainstream christianity and mainstream atheism is retarded. Gnostic Christianity and non-mainstream atheism is different than that.

People glorify the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, reminding of what good music Christian society gave us was. First of all, most of those great games were Japanese games so it has nothing to do with that. And most of those 70’s hippies making good music were hippies or gnostic christians, not bible belt retards.

Perhaps consciousness is a trap of this mortal coil that we temporarily inhabit but compared to the alternative of death or non-existence it is a small price to pay. The only other alternative is much worse.

You can’t be dead its not possible. There is no alternative than consciousness. Not having to toil or worry about anything would be too sweet a prize. Buddha spent his whole life trying to prove this wrong and stop reincarnation.