The Trans-vestigiality Hypothesis aka turning trans to deincelize

Been working on this theory with a few people from this forum and the wiki.

I dont think that most trans people are honest with why they started transitioning.

So what is the trans-vestigiality hypothesis??

The ‘’‘trans-vestigiality hypothesis’’’ is similar to the homocel hypothesis in that it suggests that a significant segment of the transgender population used to be incel. It suggests that inceldom may cause gender dysmorphia in some people and by extension may lead a person to consider gender transitioning. Anecdotes from incels and studies on non-human animals suggest this may be due to a desire for the transitioning incel to avoid confrontation with stronger men (or disgusted women), to deincelize, and/or simply an attempt to live life on Tutorial mode

There may be some deep reasons as to why everyone thought Contrapoints, a popular male-to-female transsexual Youtube star, understood incels more than any other sexually successful and popular Youtuber.

Some incel Youtubers have referred to many cases of male to female transsexualism as “advanced inceldom”. Female to male transsexualism, which occurs at a much lower rate than male to female transsexualism, is also often seen by people in the incelosphere as a voluntary incelizing process, and as such is highly amusing to incels.

Sexual mimicry in animals

Dr Erica Todd from the University of Otago is a leading researcher in the Trans-vestigiality hypothesis in non-human animals. She calls male animals who take on female imagery to increase mating success as “sneaker males”. She explains how “sneaker males” disguise themselves as females to avoid aggression from larger males, and steal mating opportunities. Her work focused a lot on Bluehead Wrasse fish. She found that the “sneaker males” had genes for male sex hormones turned off making them appear feminine but also had much more sperm production and sperm quality control. The “sneaker males” had near identical brain gene expression to females and much different brain gene expression than non-sneaker-males. The “sneaker males” often also changed roles to more masculine fish as they grew larger.

In the Phillipines, where the women are so disgusted by the local men that they pursue relationships with American incels, many native men from the Phillipines undergo fake breast surgery in order to make enough money to survive or move out of the country.

I remember reading up on this hypothesis, I think William linked it on a thread a little while ago(?).

it has some interesting implications, although, I find the possible conclusion that ‘trans people started as incels’ a little uneasy.
which the Philippines discussion kind of lends to. but not the Bluehead Wrasse fish angle, that research seems to imply that being trans is more biological.

it’s interesting.

This is so true. I actually came up with this theory myself with simple logic and common sense. Interesting that there are actual PhDs studying this now.

Cultural Marxists are truly evil fuckers. Forcing inceldom on males and then promoting homosexuality/transgenderism as a form of manipulation to achieve their goals of increasing the number of homosexual/transgender people. I hate these ass ■■■■■.

I’m MtF trans and I’m attracted to women (effectively reducing the statistical likelihood of finding a compatible partner)… so no, I don’t agree with this theory.
I’d still rather be myself… than be whatever someone else wants me to be just so I can get laid.
I can already get laid, whether its with men or women… but I still refuse to have sex with someone who doesn’t want to commit to a long-term relationship full stop. I refuse to have hookups and one-night stands. (No woman on tinder has ever offered me anything more than a hookup to this day)
In fact even if a girl offered to date me right now I’d still turn her down because I’m not very happy with where I am in life… unhappy with my appearance, etc… and have too many problems I need to sort out before I can ever consider myself a stable person (which is probably… never!)
That said I don’t doubt that there’s a percentage of incels who buy into the trap-maxxing meme, but that’s their problem.

That’s some scary shit.

yeah… no. I call BS.
that’s just another fake Redditor with autogynephilia writing about his fantasy, so he can get upvotes from other people with the same fantasies.

T for transpill

So your sources are incels and fish…

this is why male lesbian society is good. Superior sperm.

These fish sound incredibly based and similar to mech idealogy. Like deep down (inside the mech) im feminine but sometimes i walk around in a masculine mech exterior.

Nu uh. They are fake marxists. Marx actually believed that a male having sex with a female is the highest form of sexuality. Personally I believe marx was wrong. In fact, male lesbianism is the highest form of sexuality. Female lesbian relationships seem to only last 1 year.

No, you’ve increased the statistics from zero to hero. Transgirls get much more attention from cis girls than incel males get attention from cis girls.

Most incels cannot get laid. If it follows that you cannot get laid, then probably you have trouble to find a relationship also. A lot of relationships are formed after getting laid. QED, most women won’t give people the time of day unless they have a certain threashold of attraction. The fact you can get laid puts you leagues above most incel males.

Transpill is good, there are a lot of repressors who fight their desires to be lesbian, but overall being lesbian is superior than cis male (under ideal conditions. Obviously, if you live in a place of boomer bigots and such, then you can say staying cis might be more ideal under those circumstances.)

Which brings me to my next point, if you are incel you likely have a trans brain or brain similar to trans. Thus this is a case of cause and effect, you are likely incel because you don’t know how to cope with your non-chad male genes. A lot of non-chads somehow beat the rigged odds and get laid, navigating through the anti-male workplace as a betabux, but incels remain at stage zero and are stuck are stuck with no social skills. So its a circle of chicken and the egg, if you have trans brain you wont fit in socially and be incel, then you will transition to be female because incel. Which of course is good for you (if passing lesbian), because you get to be lesbian and no longer stuck as bad looks incel, however for society might not be good, because cis male normies noncels are spreading genes, while higher evolved transgenes not spreading the higher evolved genes (being trans means you are progressive being and higher on the evolutionary tree), but on the other hand, if non passing, transition might not be potentially as good, or even not good, because not getting to experience the same priviledges and life events of cis females and lesbians.

Most people, don’t have the time, nor the energy, nor the know how to type all this out, so I try to condense this as much as possible. I believe in simplicity for simplicities sake, I prefer typing responses as short as I can, this is as short as I could make it without compromising the core principles, essential facts and data I am trying to convey.

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