The testosterone debate

Got an advertisement from a chad, telling me im t and need T.

Wanted to have a debate about T, the commercial said that being t means low energy and low motivation.

I guess what I don’t understand is why is it that women seem to enjoy their jobs and work more than men do, are women higher T than men?

And is taking T ideal for incels when it just boosts their sex drive and thus boosts frustration? Will taking T turn incels physically into chads or will they remain still in an incel facial appearance? Also, how easy is it really for some chads to get laid? Do women really feel hype about chads or are they just like “meh I will fuck a chad because im bored” kind of thing?

get some pills online, they’re not too expensive

I think the main ingredient is zinc, I guess it raises test

I dont want T i just want to create a debate about it.