The story of the URL change

In 1997,

Alana, a lesbian, created the first incel community on the web, mostly an email listserv. This listserv was eventually expanded to a conventional forum using conventional forum software called Incel Support (which really looked nothing like other incel forums today, in some good ways). Then a server crash happened and they set up a new forum at a domain called in 2014. It died due to lack of interest.

This forum reclaims their lost effort.
We don’t claim to be the same people behind the early forums, nor do they endorse our forum necessarily, but that’s where the name comes from :slight_smile: We are being incel traditionalists and reclaiming our lost history, and also moving forward! bringing it into the 21st century.

Don’t take my word for it, take gaystarnews eg:

[yourenotalone] is trying to recapture the spirit of that original incel community. SuicideFuel is banned. Instead, they focus on ‘looksmaxxing’ (making themselves as attractive as possible) and helping others on their journey to find a sexual partner."


additionally people were scared off by the previous edgy URL

$10 to whoever can guess where I stole the font from for the new logo