The stacy or becky love story

One night Stacey and Becky meet 2 Chad’s on a night out.

Now these pretty boy Chads love themselves. Good looking, muscly, goes to the gym ect. Nothing wrong with that.

But these Chad’s get with Becky and Stacey. Later down the line both women are tret like shit. About a year later both Stacey and Becky get pregnant.

The Chad who got with Stacey leaves while she is pregnant and the chad who got with Becky stayed…until 6 months after her baby is born and he fucks off!

Now if they picked somebody like me I’d be the opposite because I’m nice. Yeah I’m slightly childish. But I’d never abuse a women. Yet I’m chosen over Chad’s that do.

We live in a society folks!

But they choose guys like you…when they’re 33 years old, fat, and broken. They need a “real man” to raise Chad’s son.

No thanks!

Not my child, not my problem

One day you’ll be old, fat, and broken, too. You’ll be either having sex with prostitutes or don’t having it at all. In this day you’ll consider raising Chad’s son if that’s what it takes to fuck a woman regularly.

I’m not saying you’ll actually do it, but the opportunity will show up and you’ll at least consider it.

He won’t even get sex regularly. Once he is trapped, he will be abused and sucked dry.

It’s 100 or 0 if a male. Moneymaxxing is one of the most pointless forms of maxx, more pointless than Looksmaxxing. In this Clown World, there are only two realistic options. Females are either naturally attracted to you (minority of males), or you do prostitution (majority of males). Everything else is just a delusion, and you will just be taken advantage of. And yes it does mean the majority are simply fucked.

extremely based post. however studies have shown having money does increase your smv slightly on the biological (not abstract) level.

Sometimes I think the whole idea of “choosing a good guy” later in life is just a meme. Or maybe I’m just too ugly to even be considered an option even when they’ve lost it. Or perhaps even further, they never stop having options so there’s no need to go for a guy that isn’t at least a chadlite.