The species X

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Ok so I had an event of clairvoyance and realized the truth of this reality, here are the truths I found.

Men are like cavemen DNA, did not evolve as fast as females did. They are stuck with cavemen physical features which are objectively not that great to look at.

Evolved quicker, developed less addiction to sex drive. Due to less addiction to lust, creates a compounding problem for men of making it even more difficult for men.

Men copes by creating a macho environment which tries to devalue the importance of male physical appearance. Self esteem is based on external activities rather than internal inherent DNA.

Wild men have a selfish sexuality where they want to dominate females.

Domesticated men are submissive to females and simp out to females.

Transsexual males are superior and want to improve their physical appearance.

Wild females have a selfish sexuality that exploits males, Domesticated females have an empathic sexuality where they want to please males and even if they aren’t attracted to the male, domesticated females still ghost a lot though and exploit males for money.

Female sexuality has mild attraction to chads and femboys. Transsexual mtfs get laid with 2000 females. Still there are females who want real men chads. However, females that are attracted to chads tend to have autogynephillic sexuality and crave dominance by chads. It is my hypothesis that gay men and females do not feel intense lust for males, but only a mild lust. Therefore humanity is comprised of low satisfaction entities, for instance males have a lot of lust for females but only get frustration, meanwhile females and gay men have mild lust for chads and thus only mild satisfaction from intercourse from them.

Therefore male delusion arises from primitive genetic appeareance,

Female delusion arises from complacency and being content with being born into elevated dna.

Therefore male sexuality (outward) is objective, based on aesthetics, while womens sexuality is subjective, “how does he make me feel”, and therefore only her inward observation is objective, meanwhile males inward observation is subjective.