The reasons status quo is bad

It seems like life is some nightmarish dystopia and noone cares.

Male lesbianism is needed for several reasons. First of all, if you reincarnate as a girl would you want to fuck a man? So instead of reincarnating as girl you choose to reincarnate as man. Then have a miserable life as an incel man. Just to avoid having to fuck men. This is the world we are in right now, and somehow people see this as a good thing or something.

People who resist my ideas rely on subjective arguments. Their argument goes that beauty is subjective, so you can just “rewire” a female brain to lust for hominid type men. I don’t think it works like that.

Would you want to fuck men? Saying such a thing is ridiculous. But you expect women to magically have subjective brains that somehow want to fuck men, but you don’t. This is subjective fantasy type thinking, the idea that women magically lust for men but you do not lust for men.

Lusting for men is demonic and demented.

Civilization is a technology. A technology which enables us to acquire resources. In the past, stupid religions would be given to women in order so that all men would get laid. Men delusionally over time believed that women were naturally attracted to men, and that subjectivist arguments were the reality. Subjectivist arguments are not the reality, since 95% of men were incels 8000 years ago, showing that beauty is objective not subjective, and that male lesbianism, not retarded religious or barbarian copes, is the rational argument.

I rest my case.


The current society’s net good potential is less than a zero sum game. This is due to high volume of rejections. Male lesbianism will result in overunity energy, higher than zero sum game.

Finally, being lesbian is simply a higher good. (Not talking about modern day lesbos that are butch biker dykes. Talking about divine lesbians.) Being lesbian is like being on pot. Being normie is like being on zoloft.

For a being from the year 4000, trying to make a better world, the response I get is lackluster, naysaying or just apathy. I expected nothing less.

It was the same before Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplane. They were mocked and told to stick to the status quo.

They didn’t.