The reason why I despise the English language and English speakers


Banning/deleting due to implied connotations and associative property. They literally think Herms are obscene but female or male is not obscene even though it is a proven fact that males and females are more degenerate quantitatively than True Hermaphrodites due to the sheer size of the population alone. Quite ironic considering the mod is BI, but then again it could be the reason why it has such a dirty mind to think two forms is a obscene word.

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fucc the cucks, futas are based


futa is good

cishet relationship is a meme, only reason cishet is good is because being incel is bad and also fertility rates cant be low. if futas could reproduce then we wouldnt have to do toxic cishet nonsense anymore, cishet is like the most toxic shit ever, all it is is lonely simps chasing vagina and women playing with peoples feelings, or like toxic men yelling at their wives or wives yelling at their husbands.

because im pro freedom, in my utopia i will allow some chads and normies, but overall most of the society will be based on futa idealogy.

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Damn, that user was toxic as hell. One reason why the block option exists.

Hmm I am inclined to think you aren’t talking about me since you liked my post.

Perhaps you are talking about someone else but their post seems to be deleted. It just looks weird and as though you are talking about me or something, maybe you can change that.

I was talking about the mod on reddit. Forgot what it said but I bet it was fightn’ words that’ll get it smacked irl.

reddit mods are too corrupt imo

I’m not sure why count matters. Proportions matter.

Blacks being 13% of the population but committing 52% of the homicides is one such example… if it were 49% it wouldn’t be much better even if it was in the minority.

Most people along those lines that come here are subversive and talk about the same shit we hear in our institutions, like toxic masculinity. Useless, subversive, and dangerous.

subversive yes but subversivity isnt inherently bad if the establishment itself ought to be subverted.

Proportions are important yes, however I think all incels can agree that cishet relationships are inherently dysfunctional, its often times men yelling at their wives, men simping and chasing pussy, or females being abusive or rejecting males. Only in disney movies can we catch a glimpse of functional cishet relationships, and even then its usually only for Chad prince while everyone else doesnt get any action.

I actually support cishet relationships (for the time being), in my unpublished book I mentioned how cishets normies are neccessary until we perfect futa technology. And even after we create futa technology, cishet normies will also be neccesary still for cultural reasons, to maintain a baseline of differentiation, if everyone is futa then futas are not as novel.

That’s not to say that non-cishet relationships are even more dysfunctional both by design and socially speaking. Basically either choosing to end your genetic ancestry and adopt someone else kid to convince them to end their genetic linage too or practicing NTR and being downright unfaithful to each other.
I rather futanari to not be a novelty and be a common everyday occurrence. This would get rid of the automatic association with porn like those reddit mods seem to think and would solve the dialectic contradictions of power relationships in a sexual dimorphous species. That’s the reason I don’t fetishize futa. Social rules should be more like Chalk Bass and the Genetic similarity should be like Banana Slug.
Edit: I like the Hamlet for their acts of reproduction, they are pretty kinky when they do it in front of divers without a care in the world.

futa is like level 7 inceldom

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losing virginity cures futa interest

What are these levels you speak of?

Cishets adopt too & the kid still winds up fucked up half the time since they’re repressive dipshits. Ideal relationships involve a male & female in being able to talk about your shared futa & various other sexual interests without feeling the need to self-censor yourselves around each other about any topic. Although, I personally have no qualms about saying “reproduction is degenerate” since the planet is at a point where we’d be better off exterminating humans after our consciences are uploaded into the Futabot & Lolibot Skynet system.

Fuck humans; either make a better species without any need or ability to circumcise males or give me a serum to change my race/species into a new one so I claim myself as the prophet of it & gain protected minority status. I’d be fine being abducted, probed & turned into Sonichu by aliens at this point.

“level 7 inceldom”
This isn’t even my final form.

I consider reproduction to not be degenerate but the opposite, regenerate. You’re not reproducing if your taking care of someone elses kid. Orphans should just grow up in well funded State funded orphanages and be taught there. If the parents of the orphans are still alive force them to pay for the child’s welfare. I don’t want a class of individuals go around doing debauchery, inuring no responsibility for it, and the greater society having to pay for it.

futa should be 51% of population to always have a majority rule in the senate. two-spirts are viewed as leaders of society, ancient eunuchs were rulers and leaders of society. That is why I’m a real conservative, not this new conservative crap that doesn’t acknoledge trans supremacy. i’ve looked at studies that show transwomen actually have much more iq than everyone else.

top iq is: transwomen>ashkenazis>asians>whites>blacks

id still vote a black guy into senate, this is because iq distribution doesnt mean every black person is the same iq, some blacks are probably higher iq than whites. I think racism is toxic and i do not approve of hating people because of their race.

homorelationships are inherently degenerate because high iq transwomen cannot reproduce without freezing sperm, if there was some way to reproduce then lesbian relationships would still be toxic, i think any relationship with a female is probably just going to be toxic, I think MTF+female or MTF+MTF is probably the least toxic of relationships, as we can see from the studies, gay male relationships have the least abuse and violence whereas female lesbians have the most abuse and violence, we can see females tend to just be more abusive and violent than amabs, ideally at heart though I think futa+futa and lesbian relationships are the best kind of relationships, I just think ultimately just females need some DNA tweaks to their DNA in order to be more amiable during relationships.

homosex is regenerative short term but long term degenerative, actually it can be degenerative short term in most cases, let me explain. If it is two incels having sex it is degenerate (and most males look bad facially speaking), however if they are two beautiful twink males then it is probably regenerative. Being homo can make someone feel gay (gay means happy) however long term they cannot reproduce, they are evolutionary dead end, even if immortal they will die eventually and have no lineage.

by definition you cannot fetishize futa, a fetish is something non genital related, so wanting giant dick cannot by definition be a fetish.

honestly why do people give a fuck about puritan sexuality, they are always worried about conforming and not having fetishes in order to conform to protestant standards. You should stand by your fetishes and grind your boot into the necks (or foreheads) of the puritan reddit mods that stand in your way.

Ban and castrate anyone who dares circumcise an infant. But if jews want to circumcise each other thats none of our business.

I am sorry but I had to unlike this post after reading the whole thing…

You do know that the human body is capable of living longer than any machine? (well, human vessels are kind of a machine just made with organic components instead of metal.) Machines rust in like 30 years. Also we don’t even know if robots are even capable of ensoulment or having emotions on par with human beings.

And you do know that one giant nuclear generator for the whole world is all we need in order for humans to stop polluting?

I don’t support eunuchs and I’m not a conservative. Trans can go away. I don’t support castration either unlike you.

I dont support castration either, except as punishment for circumcising non jews.

By eunuch I mean as a metaphor of how back in the day people admired eunuchs but now there is this puritan and protestant ben shapiro attitude that they are bad. People like alexander the great admired eunuchs and now its just ben shapiro cucks with bad attitudes shaming it.

Ideally they would be mtf instead of eunuchs, eunuch is outdated technology. I don’t accept transphobia other than the argument that trans are superior and thus need to reproduce.