The reason incel exists

Has nothing to do with apex alphas, amorality or selfish dna molecule.

Human females are one of the most hypergamous females of all time in Nature. Even female chimps are less hypergamous than human females. If you are human male you will have lower quality of life than most animals. Even if you are not a homeless male, your quality of life will still be lower, because you will have to work a disproportionate amount to get food and shelter (unless Neet, but then you will not have freedom, in order to have freedom you may also may have to live in trailers or ghettos.)

This is because. humans are one of the only species not adapted to their environments, humans cannot stay in one place, instead, humans spread after depleting their natural resources, similar to a virus. Humans cannot survive in the wild naturally, they rely on tools to compensate for their inability to be exist in Nature. This is why humans have to work such a disproportionate amount for their survival. Humans must first cook their foods, whereas other animals eat foods raw. Humans must build a shelter after a lot of work and learning how, others animals just build shelter much faster. Humans have to wear clothes, other animals are able to just exist in colder temperatures. Everything humans do takes 4x more effort than other animals. If you are human male you will have a lifetime of work and servitude and not much reward, you won’t have much freedom or recognition for much of what you do.

The reason human females are hypergamous is due to having higher IQ than animals. Animals are lower IQ and more likely to follow hormonal or pheromonal instincts blindly. Humans are more likely to feel shame and disgust. Human men tend to look apish and primitive, or like subhuman potatoes. Human females are higher IQ than chimps (human’s closest relative) and do not appreciate the aesthetics of this.

Human male dating mechanics is backwards and primitive. Red pill teaches males approach escalation and confidence, which is a form of molestation. I was a victim of molestation by males, thankfully the males were roughly the same age as me. Females are not attracted to men. So men read red pill books which teach PUA and approach escalation. Approach escalation is the same as molestation, or an annoying sales man. The annoying sales man will pressure you into buying something you don’t want just to feel less peer pressure. This is how male advance works in 99% of the time. 99% of females are not attracted to 99% of males. Males get tired of being alone and unwanted so they pressure a female into sex. The female bends to the pressure, due to her autogynephilia. Then they procreate. More miserable males are born, forced into rigid male norms such as not allowed to wear makeup or pretty clothes to attract a female mate. Then they read red pill books, and the cycle continues.

Male lesbianism will allow for a better world, a world where males are no longer incels, and escape from the red pill peer pressures. The only time women approach males is if the male is gigachad or male lesbian. When males become beautiful males, the species will evolve and incel will cease. Males will begin to feel like they are loved, have value and purpose in society and just enjoy living life.