The problem is emasculation

Or I should say the feeling of emasculation. By way of centuries old social constructivism, there is now a pervasive notion that losing your virginity is a crucial step to becoming a “man”. This has a devastating effect, as you see. There is little worse for a man to feel than to lose his perceived sense of masculinity, as he uses such a sense to align himself with the world (give him a set of responsibilities etc).

Ofc what it means to be a “man” has gone through serious scrutiny as of late. One can only hope that this notion as well goes through a reappraisal (it might already) for the next generation of lonely men.

If you’re 21 (or around that age) like me, you’ve probably grown up with this sentiment. The best advice I can give myself and you is to find means to be responsible. Fill a role. Being a NEET only exacerbates feelings of inadequacy. But hey the fun part is that we are all NEETs in this lovely eve of an outbreak.

Perhaps, but be responsible only for yourself. Not for society and its hordes of cunts.

On the bright side of things I’m taking time off work to be with family and finish this god awful semester of school. I can self isolate with my cats and try to get a full 8 hrs of sleep for once.

C ope. Nothing to do with masculinity really.

I don’t see how it doesn’t ring true unless the axiom of “society hinges the concept of male maturity on virginity loss” is false. Granted it’s quickly becoming antiquated but most of us grew up in different times. Personally I feel as if most of the “incel” pain comes from feeling like less of a man due to being exposed to such a construction.

To see if something is true first see if it is false.

If roles were flipped and society told women they are not allowed to lust for cocks, and that you would be forced to be celibate, and not allowed to wear makeup or pretty clothes to enhance your appearance, most women would outrage.

The only reason men accept it is because they been brainwashed to accept everything as some kind of stoic paradigm about expressing emotions or needs isn’t manly.

No, the inverse in my case would be if society expected womanhood to come with virginity loss. I don’t know if that’s the case, I haven’t looked into it and it’s not my lived experience. To be clear I hold no ill will against women in this case (or at all), this became apparent to me more with “man-to-man” “locker room” talks.

Still nothing to do with masculinity.

if there were no men in locker rooms talking about sex, you would still want to have sex and intimacy, sex and intimacy is an inherent need.

I didn’t mean literal locker rooms. I meant the phrase “locker room talk” which is an idiom. I’m not denying that intimacy isn’t a need, I’m speaking more to the pressure to lose your virginity early when framed as a necessary step to development.

Those men are trying to help you whether they realize it or not. Might be a subconscious awareness of black pill. Getting laid gets harder after you start to become 20 and start to lose your neoteny.

It doesn’t matter if all males quit encouraging early virginity loss tomorrow.

You’ll still be a reject in the eyes of females for lacking sexual experience. It’s nearly over after early 20s as a virgin, and certainly over beyond the late 20s.

This is exactly what I am talking about. This pressure is a social construct, it doesn’t exist materially. It’s harder for anyone to get laid these days anyways. That in and of itself is a reality. Whether or not it’s a bad thing for a particular virgin to lose it late is the construction.

I see it as the opposite of help. Most incels I speak to are 20 somethings who lambast themselves over not losing it early, go on to idealize teenage sex (which is something many non virgins laugh at) and then hate themselves more. Can’t you envision a future where being a late bloomer isn’t considered weird or immature?

I haven’t looked into it but to the degree that a lack of experience is considered a deal breaker for a romantic relationship is another construction. Granted it makes sense, but a society can learn to be more lenient to late bloomers.

I have a hunch that the pushback is due to this outlook being ever so slightly optimistic.

Its not a social construct lol wtf. Its inherent

its like food and water


This simply speaks to behaviors and expectations, which can always be changed. Why the lack of charity? It’s not necessary for things to be this bad. Granted, changing society in practice will be a herculean effort but my point is that it’s something that can be changed, and perhaps shouldn’t matter as much because of that.

Hypergamy exists because male DNA hasn’t evolved alongside female DNA. Males still have ogre-tier looks and its just not sexually attractive. You can try to bend it 100 different ways to somehow get people to think its attractive. For instance you can get someone to say that fresh kale in mayonaisse dip is tasty and good. You may run into kale enthusiasts that swear that fresh kale in mayonaisse dip is tasty, yummy and good. You may run into females that swear they want only real men, ogre-tier males etc. Its ignoring the fact that hypergamy exists because males still have ogre-tier dna. Feminists don’t really acknowledge it because they want free-shit from desperate incel males, if males had equal smv to women then women wouldn’t be able to get jobs on twitch getting paid thousands a dollars a month from sugar daddies.

Saying hypergamy, or the need for intimacy, is just a social construct is just nonsensical.

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That’s entirely not what I’m saying but whatever. I’ve said my piece.

Lmao hypergamy as a social construct, that’s a good one.

It’s simply way too ingrained, way too strong, and way too pervasive to be a social construct.

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