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They used to but american women are becoming more and more chadcentric. I am not sure the exact ratio that still approach femboys but the odds of getting laid with a female are better as a femboy than a typical average male.

I am a bit skeptical about your claims that women automatically date dominant males where you live. If they were that easy they would automatically give sex to any incel who tells them they are hot and asks to have sex with them.

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Nobody cares.

If all I had to do was shower once a day for a remotely average-looking female to ever give a shit about me, I’d probably do it too.

Yes I always shower minimal once a day. In the summer and covid I shower 2-3 times a day. Showers are life. I could stay in the shower all day. I turn my music on and dance in the shower.

I use lavender daily

I care about you so you can shower :slight_smile:

not enough to replenish the damage showering causes. Dries me out especially my eyes. How can you daily shower let alone 2 or 3 times a day? So unhealthy.

Not enough to agree with me on anything even though you’re wrong. And judging from how other people talk about you when you aren’t around (so they don’t need to slmp), everybody admits you’re wrong, and because you’re wrong, nobody actually cares about your worthless opinions on anything.

You’re too narcissistic to change your fucked up, feminist worldview that has been deeply ingrained since adolescence. You refuse to be wrong and accept the reality that average females are Chad-only. We fucking proved it on the apps and you still refuse to concede, instead choosing to pretend that those ugly shits are “average” so that you cannot possibly be proven wrong, even though every other guy admitted they are ugly and guys do not consider most females to be ugly. You excuse the horrid behaviors of other females. You are narcissistic just like the rest, you are toxic, and you don’t even belong in any Incel community.

And you rejected me first by considering me such an ugly piece of shit that THOSE are supposed to be suitable matches. All because you’re more interested in validating your own entire fucking gender than any one male.

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Hot water shouldn’t dry out your eyes. I have dry eyes and a hot shower helps.

I’ve agreed with you many times on many different things. Just because I don’t agree with you 100% doesn’t make me wrong or my opinion less valid. It’s not realistic to believe that anyone will agree with anyone else 100% of the time. That isn’t how stats work or probability. Idk what your talking about rejecting you. It makes no sense. I’ve never rejected you. You blocked me many times. You don’t find any women under a 6 attractive. Even if a 6 you find an excuse to say they have a bad personality without knowing them kind of like what you do with me. So I give up for you. I cant find you anyone because you don’t really want someone. No one I found has been to your standards. That’s fine.

Doesn’t make sense. The area where you live has toxic water. Overshowering can lead to health problems. You were struggling with health problems recently and I think the showering has contributed to that.

My skin condition is fine. My health condition is not caused by anything in the water.

That link I posted is just a small example, there are many more deleterious effects from municiple water in your area.

I love water. I love showering, baths, swimming, being on a boat, being by the lake, any any water sports like rafting, tubing etc. It’s calming and part of nature. Natural water is the most beautiful thing, I wish I could afford living on a lake but that shall be a dream.

I love water as well. Unfortunately most cities poison the water so showering isnt a very healthy practice. And many bad side effects of showering are not listed in that article.

“No one I found has been to your standards.” You “found” many, but they all ghosted, didn’t they? You’re so full of shit. You found a female that I rated a 5 and I said was fine, and then you just made up some nonsense and excuses not to continue messaging her. But that’s fine because we know 5’s ghost 100% of the time anyway. I’m definitely right about that. Every single time you showed me a female that didn’t look like shit I said she was going to ghost. I bet I was completely right and predicted them all perfectly. You can’t handle that fact, that average females are the most entitled of all. You’ve even laughed at how awful some of the few matches I got were, like that gorilla-looking one.

You do have a shit personality because when you get proven wrong you just make up fake news to keep your facade going. Like rating 3s as 5s and then saying I only want 6 and above, when literally nobody else agrees with you. You disagree with me just because you’re a feminist, and not because of any actual evidence. That’s a huge red flag. That’s more than just a bad personality; that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

You think it’s fine for males to have EXTREMELY LOW standards, but have no problem with the EXTREMELY HIGH pickiness of females. In fact you want to feed their pickiness by encouraging males to lower their standards even further. That says it all. It’s TOXIC.

I don’t feel like arguing with you, I have better things to do in life. The summary is I tried to help you and found you matches which I did. I invested a lot of my time trying to help you find someone. I kept my part I did everything I could to try and find someone. You didn’t like the matches. I don’t have a toxic personality at all. Im very approachable and pleasant to talk to. I don’t need to justify how good of a person I am to you. If you don’t find that I am than that is truly your loss because I’d do anything for my friends and people I care about. I help everyone. Even though you are very ungrateful I put in a lot of time several hours a day for months for you. I don’t have high standards. You yourself rated the guys I dated 3-5 and me a 6 so just by that I’m “dating down” in your own opinion. I don’t put everything into looks like you do but yeah ok I’m the toxic one…

I don’t put EVERYTHING (what a ridiculous statement; more fake news) into looks either. You can get 7+ too but just won’t go for them because you think they’ll cheat on you. Besides, females aren’t even visual anyway. Females very rarely feel any kind of physical attraction to males, in fact Chad is more a status thing than anything else. You can get 5s and I can’t, so shut the fuck up.

Your matches weren’t any better than the shit I was getting by myself. You blame me for not liking my matches (the few that actually respond to messages; the 4s/5s/6s I got would never respond even if it was a match) BUT FAIL TO SEE THAT AVERAGE FEMALES ARE STUCK UP AND IF YOU AREN’T CHAD THEN 2s AND 3s IS ALL YOU GET ON THESE APPS.

You can take ANY guy that isn’t Chad and all you’ll get is the same SHITTY RESULTS. And it is BECAUSE of the high standards of females, not the high standards of males. You put the blame on the male for the PICKINESS of females, EXCUSING average females of their entitlement to Chad.

THAT is my point. For males IN GENERAL, it fucking BLOWS. The MAJORITY of guys CANNOT get AVERAGE females on dating apps. And you endorse this FUCKED UP system, which makes you EVIL.


Now go back to poisoning people with COVID injections like a good “nurse”, you fucking bitch.

Yeah you do put everything into looks. I’ve never been approached by a 7 Nor a 6 for that matter, so I highly Doubt I can go over 5. You rated 1 a 5 lol most you rated a 3. So I guess I got lucky once. You didn’t get 2’s thats dramatic. Lowest you got was a 3 because she was obese. They were mostly 4’s and 5’s. I also don’t endorse apps wtf. I think meeting people in person and someone you know and have a friendship with is best. But you don’t have female friends except me. Idk why there’s a quotation around nurse. I also have nothing to do with covid vaccines so check your own fake news.

Yeah you can it’s called sit on an app and wait for 6s and 7s to blow up your inbox. Happens to every female, but they ghost waiting on 9s.

The one I rated a 5 was because of her first photo which turned to be FAKE. She edited it, had lots of make-up, and the perfect lighting. When we saw more of her photos, her rating dropped significantly. Michaela is not a 5 just because she has a photo of herself that looks NOTHING like her real self. EVERY female has photos like that where they enhance their appearance as much as possible, applying all kinds of edits and lighting. It’s NOT real and hence INVALID. If a short guy wears fucking stilts for his photos, he’s still short. It doesn’t change a fucking thing how someone appears in 1 particular photo if it isn’t real.

So that black female that was shaped like a man and had the appearance of a gorilla wasn’t a 2? What in the actual fuck qualifies as a 2 then? You even made fun of my ugliest matches yourself.

I’d rather a 4 or 5 that tells the truth all the time instead of a manipulative 6 like you, so what was that about putting EVERYTHING into looks again? It’s just more fake news bull shit. Starlord agrees with me as well, every match you showed me he said he wouldn’t want them (especially not for a relationship), and he’s fairly desperate himself. That means they’re pretty fucking awful, it’s common sense. So going to disagree with Starlord too?

No my matches weren’t mostly 4s and 5s, that is nearly average. Do you understand what average fucking means? It means around the 50th percentile, meaning females which are more attractive than FIFTY PERCENT of females. That is NOT true for my matches. We could look at ALL females on those apps, not just the matches or responses I get, and I guarantee you that I would approve of well above fifty percent of them. But my matches are never those. It’s always the small percentage of ones which are far uglier than average. Even saying “bottom 20%” is generous, it is probably closer to the bottom 10%. When I DO get a match that is actually 50th percentile or so, just a decent but unremarkable female, guess what? GHOST. And why would they match with me in the first place? Cunts just want more free attention and validation, that’s why.

NONE of my matches (excluding the ones that just don’t respond or ghost) MOG half the females on the app. NONE. They are all in the bottom half. Actually, bottom quarter at best. That is NOT average, and because it is NOT average, it is NOT a 5 or anywhere CLOSE to a 5. Do you fucking understand how statistics work?

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I don’t need a 7 or whatever. I don’t really care what they look like. I’m happy with my 3-5 looks guys. I can’t remember this “gorilla women”. I’m not manipulative. I don’t really care who you date, it has no effect on me. You can date whoever you want. Starlord is same he openly admits he wants 7+. They aren’t the bottom 10 or 20%. That’s not how stats works so idk why your lecturing me. It’s the bottom 40%. You only rate them poorly because they overweight. Who cares? People can loose weight. Overweight guys are snuggley as fuck. I’d prefer a snuggley guy to a muscular guy.