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It find it interestering.

Bullshit. She’s doesn’t “get” men. She had an ultra small dose of self-awareness, just that.

The only way for her to “get” men is to endure a lifelong feeling of loneliness and hopelessness, a lifelong absence of love and emotional security.

Anything less and she won’t get how men feel.

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I do believe that a lesbian female DOES get a small taste of how it is being a straight male. But it’s just that. It might even be qualitatively the same, but it’s to such a lesser degree that it’s hardly comparable.

Lesbian females could be considered 2nd place in terms of how rough they have it. A very distant 2nd place.

Sometimes that self awareness is a good thing

See my Trans Supremacy thread @everyone.

For some odd reason lesbian relationships usually last at most a year, I think what they need is shemale dick in their life.

My other theory as to why lesbian relationships are so short is because assertiveness, they need some kind of male or shemale to be assertive and dominate. Basically I think I can fix incel because the main problem is looks, looks can be fixed with cas9. Second thing is women are brainwashed to hate penises, this can be changed. The problem is probably that normies don’t shower enough, women have sex with these normies, they start to hate the smell of dick, this can be fixed by getting normies to clean themselves more.

Well most of that didn’t really make much sense. You say lesbian relationships don’t last because there’s a lack of assertiveness/dominance, then immediately make the claim that the solution to incel is fixing looks even though a lot of males today aren’t very assertive or dominant. But of course, we can’t blame this on young males as they were born and raised in a highly gynocentric, feminist society that teaches them from childhood onwards (and especially in adolescence) that masculinity sucks and that it is better to be a bitch than a jerk. Even though that has been proven false since the bitches have no girlfriends and the jerks, well, the females are always complaining about them for some reason. Namely, those are the ones they actually choose to spend time around.

Also, I’m pretty sure normies do shower more. Basement dwellers like myself shower perhaps twice a week (I have this strategically spaced out since I only leave the house once a week anyway right now; I’ll shower just before or on the day I leave, and then 3-4 days after, shower right in between that day and the same day of the next week). If normies go out more then they have a reason to shower more often. Although I firmly believe that showering any more often than once every 2 days is retarded.

I’m too lazy to try to read all that fine print.

But yes, most females are gay most of the time.

its looks not assertiveness. Women will approach if someone looks hot.

though even some ugly guys get girlfriends eventually so they probably had assertiveness or charisma in order for that to happen

Females don’t approach 99% of males. Maybe 99/1 rule sure.

u need some caffeine in ur system

chads on reddit say women approach them, chads are maybe 1% of males though

How females “approach” is probably defined really loosely. Females themselves take credit for “making the first move”, and I heard it once from a feminist Sociology professor that tried to give females the credit for making the first move with the “green light” bull shit. Not actually verbalizing “do you want to go out with me?” (like males are expected to do) but rather some vague body language or saying it between-the-lines.

So basically males just suck and even if they put themselves at risk of rejection, it’s the female that made the first move with her ambiguous signals lmao. Even though males can’t tell the difference between a female being interested and just being friendly. Chad will most likely assume interest due to past successes and higher levels of confidence. Other males with no history of DSR will assume friendliness and be too afraid to do anything, anyway.

No i mean like females litterally approach males lol. Like if a chad goes to a party the females will blatantantly flirt to them. Same with femboys unless the females are like ultra-trad or something. Its only normie males, chadlites and incels that do not know the other reality, its like a different reality than the rest of males experience. The rest of males just chase women and get soft rejected, or rejected harshly if incel genes.

If a woman understands men, she’ll show through her actions, which Anna shows the opposite


Yeah everyone knows words don’t mean much. Especially when it is coming from a female.

There was a really good vid of a FtM trans (who used to believe patriarchy and male privilege shit) that described how shitty the life of a man actually was, though. It made her depressed watching them go to strip clubs just because they felt they had to (as she contrasted the desire for sex as being a primal urge for males, whereas for females it’s just “whatever”), but it didn’t really make them happy. She also described how her friends started becoming annoyed with her after taking testosterone because she didn’t feel like wasting time on every little detail of a story and just wanted to get to the point. Her thinking became more “logical” and she started being unable to relate to their inherent insanity. Needless to say, she gave it up after a year. And admitted that men have worse lives and are treated worse in society.

I shower daily…

When it’s summer I may shower 2 or 3 times a day (if I’m at home). When it’s winter I shower once a day. But it must be noted that shower frequency highly depends on the country’s culture. In some countries people have low shower frequency simply because it’s their culture. In fact, that’s why French perfume/cologne is so good: The French have a distinctly low shower frequency, which they compensate with good perfume. The Portuguese (and consequently Brazilians as well) have high shower frequency.

Do American women chase fembois?

That’s definitely not a thing here. I mean, there must be a few outliers who prefer fembois, but the average normie woman (which accounts for the vast majority of women) prefer masculine-looking men. You know, chads.

And they firmly require the man to be dominant. If they had to choose between a non-chad looking man who is dominant, or a chad looking one who acts like a pussy, I bet that they’d go with the former. (But they don’t have to choose, of course, because a small percent of men out there are both chad looking and dominant)

Self-awareness is always a good thing. But it’s not always sufficient.

Unhealthy. U need essential oils