The other glass ceiling

Your typical family, social, and cultural practices concerning today in the post modern west.

Son: “I just turned eighteen years of age, that’s great!”

Father: “It’s about time you get a job and move on your own son.”

Daughter: “I just turned eighteen, that’s great!”

Father: “That’s great sweetheart, I’m so happy for you.”

Son: “I’m going to college but I’m struggling with money to attend school.”

Father: “Well son, that’s your responsibility. You need to get a job to fund yourself through schooling.”

Daughter: “I’m going to college and I’m very excited.”

Father: “That’s great honey, here is $6000.00 to help you on your way.”

Son: “I need a vehicle to travel around back and fourth.”

Father: “Son, you’re going to have to pay for your own way.”

Daughter: “I need a vehicle to travel around back and fourth.”

Father: “That’s alright honey, let’s go to a car dealership and pick something out for you. Promise me we’re not going to spend over $15,000.00 though.”

Son: “I’m struggling to make it on my own. I’m barely surviving making it on my own.”

Father: “You need to work two to three jobs maybe.”

Daughter: “I’m struggling to make it on my own. I’m barely surviving.”

Father: “That’s alright sweetheart, you can come live back at home rent free while you work attending college.”

Son: "I’m barely able to make insurance payments for this broken down car I purchased. "

Father: “I told you son, you need to work two to three jobs if you have to.”

Daughter: “I’m barely able to make insurance payments on this car you bought me daddy.”

Father: “That’s alright sweetheart, I’ll cover your monthly insurance payments. How about your cellphone bill? I’ll add it to my monthly plan also.”

Son: I’ve lost my job, my car broke down, and I’m living on the streets. The economy is horrible where I am having a hard time procuring just one single job to live off of. "

Father: "You’re a shame to our entire family, why can’t you be more successful like your sister? Perhaps it’s about time you start looking into joining the military. "

the glass cellar

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Yeah, my dad treated me differently from my sisters. He’s a trad ■■■■ that always had higher/stricter expectations of me without any benefits.

Ironically the only female that might ever provide for you, the mother, is the only way out of that.

It makes so little sense to give free shit to the daughter and then have the son fend for himself. The son was handicapped from the beginning due to low inherent SMV. If people weren’t so fucking stupid they would prop up their son because the daughter is going to be “successful” regardless. If the parents won’t provide for her, she can just find someone else that would, so it is a waste of family resources. The son on the other hand either gets handouts from family or he gets handouts from nobody, period.

I’ve argued with morons online and they bash me constantly for accepting handouts from parents. Fuck 'em, I’ll keep taking all the handouts I can get.

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I believe it’s supposed to be a life lesson for men, so we learn to be resilient to the challenges of our life. I mean if he’s going to live alone then he better know how to survive in this world. Unfortunately it’s not working very well…

Every Incel here is already more resilient than the average female for simply being born male in this environment. The average female cannot handle being devoid of attention/validation for more than a few minutes whereas this is our entire reality for years on end.

People with 90 IQs survive on their own all the time. That’s most of the people who actually choose to leave home at 18 and then live the rest of their life stuck on minimum wage pay cheque to pay cheque.

In this society, the best way to survive in a bearable manner is either sucking it dry via abuse of its social safety nets (i.e. welfare), or failing that, living as a minimalist monk.

The idea of learning to fend for yourself is fair enough, but that can take many different forms depending on the environment. You wouldn’t ever throw a fish into boiling water and expect it to survive.

Yep. Boomers and Gen Xers did an incredibly bad job at raising their boys. They raised insecure and emotionally weak males. We’re men, we’re naturally stronger, faster, smarter and tougher than women, however here we are, living a worse life than woman’s. Cucks and incels are so common nowadays for a reason, we’re a generation of sexually depraved and emotionally exhausted men, that’s why we failed controlling women. Only if domestic violence was still socially accepted…

I would have no problem laying down male authority on a bitch if she deserved it.

Except for the problem of all the misandrist laws, and being too high IQ to do something where the cost outweighs the benefit.

I suppose what I was trying to articulate is that in a world of so called 'sexual equality ’ women or females in all reality have all the advantages where meanwhile men are still assigned traditional roles in a world of increasing economic inequality where they’re failing to launch on their own within the urban wilderness but for whatever reason this is still deemed socially permissible. If we look at college admissions or graduations statistically women lead over men by wide margins because they generally live in a insulated, protected, or sheltered environments whereas men are largely thrown to the wolves to fend for themselves where there is nobody and nothing to give them a hand up when they most desperately need one.

This I think is the real reason why men nowadays are trailing behind women amongst a plethora of multiple other reasons as well.


I think calling it wilderness or jungle sounds too easy. It’s more like a desert and overpopulated as well. Imagine a desert with very few resources but there are 100,000 tigers all in this same desert competing for the same resources.


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Most people in my family should have been killers or rapists, then…which isn’t the case at all.

I’m not saying the father should be a sadist, the point is that he should have the freedom to beat his wife whenever applicable. He may never do it in practice, but he and his wife must know it’s an option.

Physical domination in romantic relationships is natural. Men are stronger for a reason.

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Mine are the opposite. My mom helps my brother and does literally everything for him and nothing for me.