The only type of guy most women are going for

Notice the only guys most of the girls went for were tall, skinny/fit chadlites and tyronelites. When ever I watch amateur porn, its only these types of guys having sex. 6’1’’, and they have at least 8-10’’ dicks. best of the best. fuck you females.

These days only having 7" dick + Autism = Incel, speaking from experience.

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Autism means its over. Autism is a mental disease on the same level as schizophrenia or psychopathy. It means automatic expulsion from your tribe. 7" dick means nothing most women want at least 8.5 and this fat arab chick i talked too once said she only fucks 9"+

With regard to success in DSR, having Autism Spectrum Disorder is the equivalent of multiplying yourself by 0. Just take whatever you have and multiply the whole package by 0. Auto-Incel.

Psychopaths will try to convince you otherwise but the reality always remains the same. Once an autistic incel, always an autistic incel.

This is what it always comes down to especially here in the United States. [See image below.]

Pussy is subconsciously always attracted to wealth, money, or power like moths are attracted to light and a candle lit flame. Working class Joes just can’t compete in today’s sexual market with wages and the inflated value price of pussy itself, what we need is for the price of pussy to come way down which can only happen within a firesale event that only occurs within collapse societies or nation states, once that occurs the price for pussy will return back to a natural equilibrium where more men will be able to afford it once again. It’s all about costs, affordance, supply, and demand. Bitches by their very nature are the very definition of sexual economicus.

If you watch the video the guys who got the most women would seem like ‘‘working class joe’’ but their height makes them mog other men so they get 95% of female attention.

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You guys say it’s all about physical appearances whereas I say it’s all about money, affordance, and sexual economics concerning purchasing power of the prostitutes known as modern women.

I see plenty of fat fucks and ugly men driving $65,000.00 vehicles with a wife or girlfriend all the time dude.

Come to enlightenment, embrace the poorcel. I will save ye.

I will light you the path to understanding bitches, conniving wh-ores, and cunts everywhere.

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Its obviously both. of course ugly guys with lots of money get laid. BUT the point here is the average 18-25 year old guy doesn’t have money. Normies usually like to point out how they know a bald fat 5’6 30 year old who gets laid, but he always has wealth and status of course. Yes women are prostitutes for sub 7 men, but im saying women are fucking these tall chadlites and tyronelites for free, simply because they are tall and mog most men. I’m asking if money is all that women are attracted to, they wouldn’t fuck some skinny 6’3 tall chadlite who works at mcdonalds or the grocery store.

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Things have become serious man in the United States, I was driving in the city earlier this week and I seen a homeless Chad on a street corner. He looked like he had seen a ghost where he had death in his eyes. Things are becoming very interesting my man.


The US is a massive prison where most residents are poor people who go on work release (wageslave job) and then go to commisary (7-11, mcdonalds, tacobell) to get their cheap commisary prison food.

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I prefer the term zionist corporate national plantation run by an organized military industrial complex where intelligence agencies are the government, but yeah, that works also.

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What I said earlier about money and physical appearances.

Case in point, pretty much self explanatory.

I’d like more real world examples. I like to read stories or see betas who have girlfriends and talk down to incels but are paying for it. they usually have a high tech IT job and make 70k a year… like yea man im sure shes with you because of your personality and not bagging chadlite on the side.

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And that my friend is why if you’re a tech guru you need to put a chip in her cellphone, purse, or necklace so you can GPS monitor her ass everywhere she goes. If you have enough money pay somebody to follow her everywhere without her knowing about it as your daily informant.

All joking aside[Am I though?], the extreme hypergamy we’re experiencing right now is because wealth is too concentrated in few hands currently which has adversely inflated the sexual market in an extreme negative manner. We’re currently witnessing the sexual market melt up or blow off top with this being the decadent late end stage of economic capitalism itself.

Just as our decadent hyperinflated and overvalued economy is unsustainable so is the hyperinflated or overvalued sexual market is as well also unsustainable.

Pussy is purely economic because the psychological nature of women is one of prostitution sexual value exchange between men and women. So naturally the cyclical nature of sexual markets is intertwined with the cyclical nature of national or domestic economies themselves within societies.

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Its. Always. The. Same. Cookiecutter. Guy. fuck you females.

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giga cringe. The vid sucks walls. One of the girls looks like my oneitus so its hard to watch.

Also your conclusions are not correct. The tall guy happens to be a chad. And also the shortest guy is a chadlite so he wasn’t booted from the lineup like you say. He was the last to be booted and lost to a taller version of a chad.

Every guy there (that talked) completely MOGS me in terms of being able to deliver small talk or “game” to someone they presumably just met.


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I suck at small talk or opening introductions, let’s talk about the fucking weather or something else trivial that nobody gives a shit about.

Wish I could just do a one liner like, “Hey you look beautiful sweet cheeks, I bet you suck a mean cock, am I right?”

The pretentious bullshit seems unnecessary and I’m not good at it whatsoever anyways.


It would work every once in a while if you were attractive, especially on Tinder

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I’m the total opposite of this. :pepesad:

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