The Non-Binary meme - Gender abolition?

Reading through the “feminization of males is good” Dva thread and it reminded me of something I sometimes think about, the non-binary meme.

First of all, what I understand about non-binary:

It’s a genuine condition for those that suffer from a type of unresolvable gender dysphoria, where neither remaining your birth gender nor transitioning to the other gender can stop the body dysmorphia, so they often transition to a point of androgyny that suits them.

But clearly that is not what most self identified “non-binaries” are.

Regarding what mainstream non-binary is:

Most of the mainstream lgbt community has decided that transmedicalism is hurtful and that gender dysphoria is no longer neccessary to be trans.

Non-binary does not in any way specify how you should look, behave or what pronouns you go by.

It’s apparent that a lot of non-dysphoric non-binaries identify as such out of some near-insignificant gender non-conformity that’s present in all cis people, but they believe this is enough to make them trans.

I’d also like to add that in some circles, being trans as a choice is also becoming more of a “valid” thing.

Now- obviously this is obnoxious when dealing with enbies, as they love to play their trans and queer cards to claim oppression while experiencing none of the actual oppression afforded to dysphorics, transitioners and homosexuals, but I want to discuss how this could benefit you, if you’re willing to play the game.

I’m not saying this to be facetious, but every cis person qualifies to be non-binary, you literally just need to identify as one.

Tired of being treated like a subhuman? Filling out the diversity form for a zero-hour contract job and feeling suicidal?

Fear not you ugly unsympathetic fuck!!! with one push of the pronoun button you can go from:

he/him cishet male :raising_hand_man::face_vomiting:

:star2:transformation sequence :star2: 🪄

he/they :smirk::transgender_flag::rainbow_flag: smol bean enby queer :hugs:

You’re no longer a cishet male, and you didn’t even need to pump yourself full of bimbo juice like in Dva’s futa fever dreams :syringe::frowning_man::ok_woman::dancer:

In all seriousness though, normies are increasingly going to call themselves non-binary and you don’t want to be the only evil cishet male in a room full of assorted glitterfags, especially when it’s perfectly valid for you to identify as non-binary yourself.

You wouldn’t have to wear it on your sleeve, just mention it when it’s convenient.

It feels cringe, but you’re not lying or cheating, you can literally just do that.


But what comes next? after the breakdown of gender and unenforcable gender norms? Postgenderism? will Dva more easily convince defanged men to bring her femboy future to fruition? will society survive the disappearance of male disposability? who knows.

cursed post

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I’m dead serious, it’s increasingly becoming a thing and it could be your ticket out of being treated like shit for the rest of your life, atleast to people who buy into the idea.

did not read yet but gender mostly doesn’t exist, i am assuming most people are non-binary internally.

that being said, a society where everyone has the same gender is boring, so even if internal gender mostly does not exist, there should at least still be different genders physically.

tl;dr of my post is at first about calling yourself non-binary out of societal convenience because you can, and then I couldn’t be asked to write the second half I planned, but what if everyone unironically embraced the meme and we became a genderless society.

Non binary are not treated well, there are articles about how non binary are incels also. Id assume they are also more discriminated against for jobs as well. Although, the non binaries in the incel article basically looked like incel males but in dresses and poorly applied makeup.

As for my thread called “feminization of males is good”, I meant only my specific version of that. The cuckification and simpification of males was never my goal, nor am I about bearded lumbersexual culture. I am simply about enhancing the genetics of males, basically turning males into an anime society. I also want a lot of futas to be in society, but I am not about bimbo juice, if HRT causes too much bimbofication we should modify the formula, ideally we want based train beings who like trains, sports, and higher culture.

trains are important

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We need to organize society around train transportation

Well yeah, I guess we’re talking about two different kinds of non-binaries then. I sympathise with the people trying and failing to live that life, makes sense they would have difficulty finding love or work.

But the people I’m talking about simply adopt the pronouns and nothing more. I doubt they suffer from much discrimination. And I’m predicting that this trend of normies identifying as non-binary will become more common as time goes by.

Concept of non-binary is also picking up in the mainstream because of celebrities like Sam Smith and Demi Lovato, and as corporations are scrambling to show how much they love the lgbtq, the cultural arc tends to favor the concept in the long run.

I only mentioned the thread because removing the concept of gender would be tangentially relevant to convincing people of your shemale supremacy, wherein (I think) you’re trying to create some kind if superficially female/feminine but ultimately intersex being.

I just think “bimbo juice” is a funny way of referring to eostrogen. But where the effects of hormones on the brain and behaviour are concerned, apparently it’s still not a well understood science.

I do not understand an autist’s obsession with trains.

Sports are not high culture, and I say that as someone who occasionally enjoys combat sport that youtube feeds me.

Sam Smith is not a role model lol. He makes sappy subpar music. I don’t think most kids see Sam Smith and are inspired to be him when they grow up lol. As for Demi Lovato never heard that name before.

Physical is not superficial. My idea of superficial is drag queens or something like that. The futas would be much more feminine than that. As for intersex I believe most beings are internally intersex. This is because there is no consistent definition of a male or female mental attribute. For every attribute there is a counter proof to prove that the attribute does not apply. For example if someone says engineering is male, someone in 2 seconds can find a bunch of female engineers in online videos. And the females say that the reason there are more male engineers is because the math is too hard for females, not because of engineering itself. But then that makes even less sense, since females generally are better at pure maths. Another example is trains. Parents stereotypically give trains to male children. But the majority of adult males are not obsessed with trains. And I met a cis female who wished she had trains when growing up. Another example is the color blue. I could argue blue is a feminine color since it is calming and that femininity is calm. But then someone could argue that monks are mostly males and there are many male gurus and yoga instructors and male bird watchers and that calm is male.

If sports were exactly the same as higher culture I would have just said higher culture, not “sports and higher culture”.

The type of sports I am referring to are higher class of sports, and yes sports of the upper crust are indeed part and supplement of higher culture. I am talking about elite clubs, golf, swimming, tennis and more. I am talking about sacred wii vibes and chakral energies. I have a vision of clean, high end recreational facilities forming a kind of utopia. males and females united, in sports, with clean and sporting uniforms, sort of like a future society of sports. The idea that sports is a male only thing will be a thing of the past. Males and females will unite with sports. If anything, females will even be more ideal at sports because less likely to get bribed.

As for trains I was raised on trains. Did pot one time and went to sleep thinking about trains. There is just a certain higher consciousness about trains, a higher and elevated state of being. There is more to life than just walking around boxy looking stores buying food that has preservatives. There is more to our existence than just economic lingo and worrying about taxes. There is a higher path to humanity than just being part of the machine.