The most woke movie ever made

When I saw this movie I just had to buy it. It is the most woke and based movie ever made. I wanted to tell you all to support this movie and give FUNDS to help boost this movie. It is a movie about the state of things and wealth distribution in real life.

But then I actually sat down and watched this movie. It is BAD. Like really bad. Like so bad its not even good. The lips don’t even really match the voices, and not in a cool Godzilla kinda way. The animations just cause so much uncanny valley. The animations are worse than low budget 3d studios. This is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. It is unbearable to watch even more than 2 minutes. The main character seems straight out of shrek. I thought the guy on youtube was just being an asshole about the movie cause he didn’t like the politics of the movie. But no this is litterally that bad. And its so sad, because I wanted to support this movie so much because of the positive message.

I am not linking the youtube review directly because it has a curse word. But if you don’t mind curse word here is the negative video review (it is the blurry thing below.)

You’re right

Looks like a horrible movie.