The invasion of courtly love and simptry

started in the 1200’s, courtly love crap. female humanoids put on a pedastal, became lords over the simps. male humanoids brainwashed to obey and be knights. ever since 1200’s only a matter of time.

our current social program is simptry. So whenever a gov gets more powerful it only increases the simptry. This is why simptry lay dormant in the early 1900s but is more powerful in the 2000s. Because the social program was always there, just became more powerful the more powerful the government has become. western civilization is programmed with simptry this began in the 1200s with courtly love, males brainwashed to cater and deliver, males taught that prudence is a virtue and prove their worth in courtly love.

this is why whenever u go on social media and see a hot female humanoid organism, there are at least 2 dozen male humanoid organism simping in the comments about how hot she is, we live in a simp society.

The counterbalance to that was that females were fully expected to be chaste and virginal for the male that would then presumably take her, permanently. This sentiment has held up pretty strongly all the way up until around the beginning of the 21st century.

Our modern system is an absolute clusterfuck where we are stuck with the 1200’s restraints while the females live like it is the year 3000 or something.

It really feels like simp culture has simply EXPLODED in the past 5 years. Like I get social media gave them a platform that’s more public than before, but it seemed to have come out of nowhere.

yea it feels like some kind of dystopia where whenever a female posts an average quality pic she gets 30 simps saying how hot she is, meanwhile any profile deemed to be a male user becomes a ghost town with next to zero attention whatsoever.

yep exactly lol